A brief AN to let you all know what I plan to do with this story:

You're all going to hate me. I know it. I'm sorry.

I'm going to officially stop updating this story after this next chapter. Or maybe these next two chapters. Possibly even three if the cliff-hangers are too bad. (Because oh, are they cliff-hangers.) Don't worry, though, I'm rewriting it right now, and I've already finished the first fifteen or so chapters. As soon as I'm satisfied with them, I'll put them up rapid-fire, and I'll try to get back to where I left off as soon as I can. I think there are only a few more chapters in the story, though. I'm not sure. I think I had 32 chapters and an epilogue. I think everyone will like the new version much, much better than the old. There are underlying plot lines. And, gasp, character development. So not everyone sounds exactly the same. And there's going to be more detail. It'll be more believable, and I'm working on plotting out the government, which is supposed to be rather different than the real government is. Which I guess you'll all see in the next few chapters. Maybe.

Also, I've decided that this is going to be the only Shay story. I won't be writing a sequel, simply because I can't come up with a good enough plot to continue the story. Instead, for NaNo 2008, I'll be writing another story, with all new characters and setting and plot and all that. However, if anyone has a good plot idea for Shay, please, let me know. I'd love to continue the story sometime.

Now, with that said, I encourage everyone to go look at the new short story I wrote during writing camp, and tell me what you think of it. Because I think I want to write a series of short stories based loosely on that one. I had loads of fun writing it.

Sorry again!

-Miss Boo