"But who prays for Satan? Who, in eighteen centuries, has had the common humanity to pray for the one sinner that needed it most?"
Mark Twain

A/N: I read this quote and thought how really true it was and what a good story it would make. It took me forever to write this story, but it's finally done. I must warn you before you read on. This story is based on Catholic beliefs and such. I hope you like it and that the message gets through however thick your skull is... R&R and Enjoy!

A Sinner's Prayer
By: Raven (Theresa L'anne)

The teen walked through the pleasant street, feeling disgusted. He squinted in the bright sun. This place was too happy for his taste, but this was definitely where his next job was. The boy would leave if he could, but this was the only way to be approved as the heir. He stopped and leaned against a tree pretending to rest. He watched everything closely. Every foot fall was heard; every bird was seen. Nothing escaped his eagle-like gaze. One person caught his attention. She had long, black hair and brown eyes. He smirked. Even in this blissful neighborhood, he would enjoy his assignment. 'Time to tempt a saint.' The boy lifted himself from the tree and strolled toward her, his red hair glinting in the sunlight, like newly spilt blood.


Emelia Losert. The daughter of two devout Christians. He father was part of their local community watch. He ran a company. He always donated to the poor. Her mother was the head of the local daycare. She made her money watching the neighborhood children. Even Emelia's older brother, Nicholas was amazing. He refused to be called Nick. He attended church each along with their family although he lived in his college dorms. Top of all his classes. Their neighborhood was full of similar families. Emelia was the classic daughter. She attended a private Catholic school. She was top of her class, and never got in trouble. They were the perfect family that all others strived to imitate.

Emelia's day started out like any other. She woke at seven, brushed her hair and teeth, put on her school uniform, came down the stairs, greeted the rest of her family, and left for school with her bag in hand. Her long, black hair whipped in the wind. Emelia smiled and closed her eyes, enjoying the peaceful air for merely a moment. She opened her brown eyes and frowned at the boy who stood in front of her. She lifted her eyes to his face as he was taller than her. He was wearing almost all black besides a necklace the symbol hidden be his shirt. He also wore a trench coat, his hands in the pockets.

"Hello, miss," He greeted with a smile. She nodded in response. " I saw you exit and couldn't help, but come see one of your beauty closer up," he continued, "My name is Diavolo Nella-Carne. And you are?" He bowed as he said his name.

Emelia frowned. She had taken an Italian class, but couldn't for the life of her remember what his name meant. She quietly answered, "Emelia Losert."

Diavolo stood straight and murmured, "Beautiful."

Emelia waited a few more minutes, but the red-haired boy did not move. "I must get to school," She informed him after awhile.

Diavolo grinned and suggested, "Why don't you skip today? You can hang out with me. It'll be fun."

Emelia looked at him, horrified. "I can't skip!" she roared, indignantly, "I have never missed a day of school, and I don't plan to start now. Now, please, leave." She walked past him haughtily, not once looking back.

Diavolo watched her silently, his green eyes sparkling dangerously. 'This'll be harder than expected,' He though before walking off. He would catch her after school. By the end of the day she'd either be ruined or dead. Those were the only two options. Emelia Losert would not escape him. Not now, not ever.


The final bell rang. Emelia stood up and walked out of the classroom attempting to listen to her two best friends' conversation, but she couldn't keep her mind off of the boy from that morning. She couldn't help but find him attractive. Who wouldn't with his shining red hair and bright green eyes? No girl would be able to see him without any reaction. Not even the purest girl. Emelia blushed thinking about it. She couldn't help it. She sighed.

"Emelia? Are you all right?" a voice asked from next to her. It was Theresa, one of her best friends, the nicer one.

She looked up at the two girls and smiled. "Yes, I'm fine," she replied. She turned back to look in front of her. She stopped.

She couldn't believe it. Why in the world would he have followed her? It must be a coincidence. Nonetheless, she turned and apologized to her friends. Once their goodbyes were said, Emelia ran up too the boy and glared. "Did you follow me?" she asked angrily.

Diavolo smirked and nodded. "I couldn't help it," He added, "You left such an impression. Listen," he continued ignoring her glare. He'd gotten worse. "I was wondering. Can't you just give me a chance? Spend the rest of the day with me. Till you're curfew of course," he amended seeing her expression change.

Emelia thought about for a few minute. There were no commandments that demanded you avoid suspicious strangers. That was just common sense, and normal girls didn't listen to that, did they? Besides, she'd always wanted to find out what a normal life would be like. She nodded adding, "Until my curfew at 9:00, but first I'm going home to change." She indicated her clothes with a finger.

Diavolo nodded in agreement and followed as she began to walk. When they got to her house, he indicated the tree he'd be waiting at. Emelia entered her house, breathing a sigh of relief that no one was at home. She took off her shoes and placed them on the rack. She went up the stairs to her room. She pulled off her uniform and replaced it with a long sleeved white woolen shirt and a long beige skirt. She wrote a hasty note to her parents. They had always encouraged her to go out more, so this wouldn't bother them too much. She grabbed her cell and purse and hopped down the stairs. She put her shoes back on and went out the front door, locking it behind her.

Emelia joined with Diavolo at the tree and they proceeded to walk to the shopping part of town. Diavolo took her hand and led her to a few shops. Soon enough she was following unquestioningly. She hesitated at the entrance to a suspicious looking place. It looked look a bar. She'd been forbidden to enter any place that served alcohol without an adult. As if reading her mind, Diavolo stated, "I'm technically an adult. I'm 20." He smiled encouragingly. Emelia slowly followed him. Once inside, she kept close to him.

He laughed and sat her down at a table. "Ever tried any?" He asked knowing she'd understand.

She shook her head quickly. "I'm forbidden to try any until I'm of age," she answered.

Diavolo looked at her curiously and questioned, "Want to?"

"I'd rather not," Emelia replied, "I'm an avid believer in listening to my parents."

He snorted, "Doesn't that include not lying to them? I'd say you botched that rule by ever getting involved with me."

"Not necessarily," She reasoned, "They never specifically told me to stay away from you."

"Not that you gave them the chance," he argued enjoying this. She'd say anything to keep herself from doubting. This was going to be more fun then he thought.

She glared at him and stood up to leave, but was stopped when he reminded her, "You promised, right? Till Nine. You said you'd stay with me."

She sat back down still glaring at him and replied, "You have one last hour."

'More than I need,' He thought with a grim smile. She really was very attractive in more ways than one. 'It's too bad we have to break that.' He added to his thoughts.

He stood up and offered, "Let's go dance, shall we?" He put out his hand to help her up.

She took the offered hand in surprise. "They have a dance floor here?" she asked.

Laughing, Diavolo nodded in response and led her to it. He pulled her on with him and they danced.

He stroked her cheek and chuckled when she blushed. He bent down and kissed her softly. His heart beat soared, and he swore in his head. 'What the?! Why am I getting flush like this? I'm not supposed to be affected by her! A human of all species! I mean even an Angel would be better than this!' his thoughts were in chaos, so he didn't even follow her when she ran off. It was over now. He couldn't hurt her. He swore again this time aloud. He left the bar, receiving sympathetic looks all the way. He sat on the curb and placed his head in his hands. He let out a quick stream of cuss words in all the languages he knew. It slowed to a trickle and a single tear escaped his eye.


Emelia had ran off to the ladies room to calm her pounding heart. All her life shed been told that love took a long time to develop, but how could that be? She could swear, from everything she'd heard of it or seen from it, this was it. This racing heart, this rushing pulse, this light-headed feeling. The feeling that she wanted another kiss. She wasn't even supposed to kiss on her first day! That was one of the first rules of the dating game. She blushed when she remembered her reaction. She'd better be getting back before she looked like a complete idiot.

She left the bathroom and looked around for Diavolo. Not finding him, she left the bar. There he sat, on the curb, his head held in hands. She came up behind him and reached out but pulled back when he growled, "Don't touch me." He looked up at her, glaring. His expression softened at the scared look she held. He gestured to the ground next to him and commanded, "Sit."

She listened without hesitation and sat down. H looked at her for a moment before asking, "Will you listen to me?"

She nodded immediately. Finally, he was asking something of her that she was familiar with doing.

He jumped into his store at her nod.

"Don't get frightened at anything I say, Okay? Because, I'm going to tell you straight off, everything I say has changed completely.

"I am Satan's eldest son. Things go differently in Hell. No one lives forever there, though we have much longer life spans than humans. I'm actually 354 this year. My father –Satan XXIV- recently died. The rest of the devils think I'm still too young to take up after him. They all said I'd be too soft. They proposed that I prove myself. And so, you enter the story. It actually could have been any of you family. You just came out first."

"Why my family?" Emelia interrupted.

Diavolo looked annoyed, "Because you guys are so devoted to God. My mission was to turn one of you away from him. It had to be done in one day or I killed you. Those were the only two ways they would accept me. That's all I had on mind this morning when I first approached you. But things went differently. Emelia, I don't know when, or why, but somehow, along the course of this day, I fell for you… I didn't know until that kiss. I was preparing to kill you all night long. I can't now. And the funny thing is, I don't even blame you!" He laughed and closed his eyes, signaling the end of his story.

He opened his eyes in surprise when he felt arms encircle him. "It's alright, Diavolo. I love you too. God knew what he was doing when he made this match. I'll pray for your rescue everyday of my life. You shouldn't have to suffer because you were born into that life."

His eyes closed again as he let loose a dry laugh and settled his head comfortably on her lap. "Can I just stay like this a bit longer? I know you have to get home, but after tonight, I'll never see you again." Emelia smiled and nodded, stroking his hair gently.

They sat in silence for a long while. They didn't break it willingly. Diavolo sat up and turned to face Emelia. He looked into her brown eyes intensely with his green ones. "I'll miss you," he murmured quietly and kissed her. She didn't run this time, but she didn't press into the kiss either.

He lingered for a moment and then retreated. He was alarmed to see there were tears in her eyes. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean t-" He began to say, but was interrupted by he loud sobs.

"Diavolo…" she cried and wrapped her arms around him, "I don't want you to go. Please don't leave me…" she sobbed into his chest and for a moment he did nothing but then reached down to stroke her hair.

Soft foot steps approached them from behind Diavolo. He tried to turn, but couldn't for fear of disturbing Emelia, who was unaware of the new company. (After all she was just human.)

"Brother?" a heavily accented voice called out. Diavolo growled and helped Emelia, who had stopped crying after hearing the voice, up. "What are you doing brother? Shouldn't she be dead by now? You said you'd be home…" the small boy was like a clone of Diavolo's only younger.

"Diable," Diavolo growled, "What are you doing here? I told you to wait at home.."

"But you didn't come home! Is it because of this girl? I'll kill her!" the smaller boy lashed out and grabbed Emelia by the throat before Diavolo could stop him. "Die." He commanded. He ripped her throat out and dropped the body.

"No!" Diavolo shouted and tried to stop his younger brother, but he'd used up too much energy today to even get to hr to catch the falling corpse. "Why did you do that Diable…? Why?" Tears splashed from his eyes onto the dead girl. "WHY?!" he roared and turned a to glare death at the younger boy.

Diable was covered in her blood and fell to the floor in tears, "You cared more for her than me. I could tell 'cause you didn't come home! You probably were planning on trying to stay with her too. You can't, you can't!"

Diavolo looked away from his younger brother and back at Emelia's lifeless face. "How could your God let this happen to you? He let you die. Why would he do that to one of his most faithful servants? Why'd did you die? Tell me please. Emelia…" His voice drained to a mere whisper as he held her body close.

'Because he loves me,' a voice floated through his mind. He looked up to spot the source. A white mist hovered nearby. 'He loves you too. He misses his lost sheep. Diavolo. I promise I'll pray for you. For all of eternity, I'll pray. Never forget what passed here. Never forget how you came to love a weak human. For that could lead to your salvation. Now go, your brother needs you now. Listen to him, as I listened to you. Good-bye, Diavolo Nella-Carne, Devil Incarnate. I love you.' The voice and mist vanished and Diavolo looked to his brother. He put down Emelia's body, knowing there was nothing he could do for her now. He stood and walked to his brother. He held out his hand and smiled. "Let's go home," he suggested. The younger boy jumped up and hugged him tightly. They walked into the darkness of the night and disappeared in a flash of red leaving behind a body and blood, the color of their hair.


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Raven (Theresa L'Anne)