In the land of Roarwol, only males ruled. Only men were born. When one died, another was reborn in its place. War and combat raged the lands and there was never a word of peace. Only comfortable.

Legends were stories many had forgotten or thought unnecessary. And so, they were lost to many of the next generations.

But there was mysterious legend. Of the Dragon Shifters. Creatures that ran the weather and elements. They sang melodies unknown to the men of Roarwol.

For most men of Roarwol, life was simple. Be born, grow, learn, fight, kill or be killed, teach and then die. However, men always hunger for the unknown. The untouched. The untamed.

The legendry Dragon Shifters of Fate and Destiny had decreed that neither men nor Dragon Shifters should ever meet face to face...

But Magone, the warrior of Vulcan, decided that life, usual as it was, would be altered for the pleasure of the Vulcan. Vulcan, the tribe of demons.

But never underestimate anything in life. For what Magone and the Vulcan did not know was that Fate and Destiny had decided to prepare the men of Roarwol. In a very unusual way.


The Dragon Shifters:

Tyris: The Rainbow

Gabija: The Fire

Lur: The Earth

Chi: A tree nymph

Aura: The Breeze

Mesi: The Water

Destiny: The Destiny

Fate: The Fate

Seren: The Sun

Aygul: The Moon

Ausra: The Legend

The Seekers:

Akira: Realist

Karim: Dreamer

Zoran: Quiet

Alven: Thinker

Elric: Fighter

Rogan: Guider

Raphael: Gift

The Warriors:

Odol: King of the Ruin

Haimon: King of the Than

Gazini: King of the Tyme

Than: King of the Stron

The Vulcan:

Fragone: Sorcerer

Gragone: Physic

Wragone: King of the Vulcan

Magone: The greatest Vulcan warrior of all