Doubts on moving forward

Dante moora dante moora

hi ha hi si so sa

dante moora dante soora

hi ha hi so si sa ya

iya mi so sa se so inyan de mia moore

dante moore dante moora

hi ha hi si so sa

dante moora dante moora

hi ha hi so si sa ya

King Than was back in his room and everyone waited anxiously for Zoran and Tyris' return. Mesi had returned Raphael to Elric. Raphael was excited and kept jumping up and down in his master's arms.

And then, there was a knock on the door.

Alven went towards the door, "Who is it?"

"Um... I think I'm Gabija, but you never know!" Came Gabija's voice.

Elric's head snapped up and Raphael clapped his hands. Alven opened the door. There Gabija was standing with a raised eyebrow.

"I heard you were in the neighbourhood and I thought I'd drop by. I can come in, right?" Gabija looked around.

Alven backed away from the door, "um... sure."

Gabija winked and strutted in. " Thanks... oh." Gabija raised an eyebrow at Mesi who did the same to her. The brothers all watched the staring contest before turning to Aura for anwsers.

Aura shook her head. "Water and fire don't get along and neither do the shifters that control those elements."


Raphael refused to stop squiming in Elric's arms, reaching out to Gabija. Gabija caught him with her eye and forgot about her enemy for the moment.

She walked over and, after getting the approval nod from Elric, took the restless boy into her arms. Raphael's eyes sparkled and held onto her like glue.

"Heya honey, you miss me?" Gabija cooed. Raphael clapped and nodded, before snuggling into her chest and dozing off. Gabija smiled and kissed his head.

"Hey! What was that?" Karim asked. Gabija turned him and before she could respond, he interrupted. "is that kissing?"

Gabija nodded and with an amused smile, before catching Elric's eyes and turned her attention to Raphael, so no one would notice her now red cheeks.

"How come you guys don't know about kissing?" Mesi asked, looking directly at Karim.

Alven chuckled, "Well, we're always in wars and I don't think it's really manly to kiss each other."

Mesi cocked her head to the side, "That like doesn't make like any sense! There's like nothing non-manly about kissing. Look," she then walked up to Karim and kissed him on the cheek.

Karim's eyes bulged and his face turned red. Mesi looked up at him, shyly with a small smile.

Gabija giggled, "aww, so cute."

Mesi's head snapped in her direction. "Oh! Like quiet!"

Gabija's eyes lifted in a challenging gesture, "or what?"

takashi moray tekum mia

soli may yah to ka ra

me ya to tie yeah

go to me kno

to ka ri sa se ra ra ni

me ra takashi ro

Zoran watched Tyris sing her song. He had asked her to sing it for him and explain what it meant.

After Tyris had finished, she turned to Zoran. He smiled at her, "what can I say? Everything you do I see as beautiful and perfect. What does it mean?" Tyris smiled back and leaned into him, and gazed up at the sky. "It a song of peace. It's very vague, but I remember Fate teaching it to me years ago. I was scared or something... Oh wait, yeah! I had just watched the first Roarwol and she picked me up on her lap and rocked me back and forth, singing this song. I guess you can call it a lullaby. Fate's lullaby."

Zoran smiled and moved down so he could kiss her cheek. "Can you translate it?"

Tyris looked at him through the corner of her rainbow eyes and winked. Turning out towards Than's natural beauty, she sang:

Peace comes from within

Fate's cruel but also wise

Later in life you'll understand

Everything's apart of bigger plan

Breathe in and hold your head high

Turn to your reward waiting in the sky

Zoran hugged her tighter, trapping her in a welcomed prison. Tyris closed her eyes and relaxed into him, then sighed. "we should be heading back soon. The others are probably worried."

Zoran sighed and pressed his face in her hair. "I guess you're right, but I don't want to."

"I know, and me too but, Mesi said Fate had an important message."

Zoran kissed her curls, then her forehead and released her. "Alright shifter, let's go."

iza mi iza ma iza ji iza ja

mi ma to ta mi ma

iza mi ma iza ji ja

mi ma ji ja yi ya

Destiny watched Zoran and Tyris walk back. Her heart broke. Why was she letting it happen? How could Fate? What could she do?

Destiny transformed to dragon form and rested against the clouds.

Fate watched her friend a cloud away, "I'm sorry you're upset, Des. Really, I am." She looked down at Tyris' smiling face. "I really would love to redo things differently, but I can't and now there's no turning back."

Destiny turned her friend in anguish. "Why did we let this happen? I don't even remember anymore. Farida, I want things back to how they used to be!"

Fate's eyes suddenly narrowed and she sneered at the name. She rose, in dragon form, and glared at Destiny. "Don't EVER call me that again! Farida is dead! Gone! It's FATE now!"

Destiny's form sank deeper into the illusioned safety of her cloud. "I'm sorry, it spilled out!"

Fate took a deep breath and sighed. Destiny felt a little safer knowing Fate was calming down. The saying, 'Fate is cruel' isn't totally true... but close.

"Look I'm sorry I blew up at you, Des. It's been kind of tough lately." Fate collasped into her cloud.

Destiny smiled and flew next to her, "I know Fate. I don't know how it's like, but I have a fair idea. Shame honey."

iza mi iza ma iza ji iza ja

mi ma to ta mi ma

iza mi ma iza ji ja

mi ma ji ja yi ya

Chi sat on Magone's bed, watching him plan the next attack, which would be on Ruin. Her heart ached for she remember how nice the Ruins were, compared to Stron. However Magone wanted to so it shall be done.

Magone's always sharp black eyes snapped to her, "Is something, shifter?"

Chi snapped out of her revive, "nothing, just thinking." Magone shrugged and returned to his planning.

'Oh I wonder what's going on!' Chi thought, but she would never be truly able to answer them. Gabija had probably told everyone about her betrayal.

'I will stand firm!' Chi's hazel eyes darkened, 'I know I'm right. I know in my heart that Magone is too!'

Suddenly, Magone turned back towards her, then walked and over and sat beside her. She was about to ask what was wrong, but when he grabbed her and kissed her, she forgot.

dante ezi bi ba nes ji ja

yi ya miso dante ya

dante ezi eza

dante yo ya yesa

dante ezi bi ba nes ja ja

It was nearing twilight when Tyris and Zoran returned to their inn. When asked about the encounter, Tyris replied:

"It's nothing to worry about."

Aura breathed a sigh of relief, but then noticed something strange. Pulling Akira aside, she whispered, "Is it just me... or are they glowing?"

Akira's eyes darted to the pair who were talking with Gabija, Mesi, Alven, Karim and Elric. "No, it's not just you? Think they kissed?"

"Why do you ask that?"

"Well, when Elric was kissed by Gabija, he had a certain glow around him."

"Hey! What you guys talking about?" Called Gabija.

"It's nothing Fire Mistress, don't worry your little flame head about it."

Mesi snickered as Gabija's face turned red.

"AURA! You know how I feel about my hair! You did that on purpose!"

Elric's eyes darted from Raphael's wandering hands, "What's wrong with your hair?"

Tyris nodded, pleased someone agreed with her, "Gabija has this weird dislike about her hair, especially in the sun."

Gabija shifted Raphael, who was falling asleep. "It turns orange! Sure with flames it looks alright but with me, UGH!

"I don't really think so," injected Alven, who had gone back a map. "I think it looks very nice."

"Yeah me too," Shouted Karim with eager eyes. "Besides Elric probably thinks it's really really beautiful!"

Both red heads turned red in the face. The rest of the group laughed.

"So Mes, hon," Tyris turned the sea dragon, who in turn looked at her. "What was this message?"

Mesi blinked a few times, posed for a few seconds of thought then it clicked. "oh THAT message. My bad! Fate said it was very important because it concerns you and the boys."

Every face looked at her. Gabija and Tyris in interest, the boys all shared a look of confusion.

Mesi breathed and went on, "She said that you must continue helping them but now they must separate..."

"...WHAT!" Yelled the boys.

"Guys, relax let her finish... I can't believe I just helped you." gasped Gaibja.

Mesi cocked her head in her direction, "yeah... me too... OOH that rhymed! Anywho, she said that in order to search for Ausra, you will need to separate into groups. One group must travel to Ruin, one back to Tyme and one must stay here. Tyris can only go with one of them!"

Dead silence. "Oh and since you've met a lot of dragon shifters, you can pick one as your personal guide! There, this is fun. Fate should tell me to send more messages."

"Yeah," muttered Akira, who was now brooding but the question is... who goes where?"