He always sat alone in the corner
He never played with the rest of us
He did his work, answered the questions
But never did he just...

Loneliness was his ritual

He was mean to all of us
He never bothered to smile
He did his thing, he never cared
Him talking to us wasn't worth while

Anger was his ritual

He found and saved my butt one night
a side of him I'd never seen was shown
He cared enough, was gentle enough
I soon became a friend to call his own

Respect became his ritual

He became very dear to me
He was a silent but loyal friend
He belonged to me, I belonged to him
We were there for each other...

Friendship was our ritual

Then...something happen to our lives
He began to hate and call me names
He ignored me, glared at me
Whenever he turned my way, I turned away in shame

Hatred was his ritual

Then one day, I was in an accident
He never bothered to see me at all
He stopped caring, he stopped being gentle
He wasn't there to catch me when I fall

Tragedy was my ritual

Then he was by my side one night
Just watching me as I lay
He was protecting me, caring for me
The way things should've stayed

Comfort was our ritual

He sat in the back of the corner
Watching my face white, DEAD and pale
He cried for me, said sorry to me
He watched as to God I sailed

Death happens, life must go on
My friend, the silent, loyal, hating, caring one
I want life to be your ritual