They chained the waves to build their roads

And I traveled down that path,

Mourned the broken waters as they rippled last

And sunlight kissed my tears.

The fish laughed. The clouds laughed

But the brine still stung my mouth.

Thirst boiled in my shadow,

And sunlight kissed my tears.

"Oh sea! You haven't changed!

Though now you're just a plain,

You will betray me yet,

And still, your spirits laugh!" I cried

Sunlight kissed my tears.

The yellow molded into glass,

Broke the bonds that were built to last

And I became the New.

To clarify: This is about a dream I had. People flattened out the ocean to build roads on it. In the poem, a girl is wandering down one of the lonely roads. I'll leave the rest up to your interpretation.