Kamilah sat on the floor by her bed as her mother brushed her hair

"I don't want to go" Kamilah said sulking as best a five year old could

"Kamilah Jane, do not sulk to me, you know it will not work. You will like them I promise"

"Why do I have to put my hair up?"

"Because we want to look pretty for our friends" Kamilah's mother said pulling a knot out of her hair as she screamed.

An hour later Kamilah walked out of her room in the dress her mother put her in and her hair up in a tight ponytail; her dad and brother both looked at her as she walked out

"Oh, my beautiful princess" her dad said as she went over to her and scooped her up in his arms

"You look like a girl" her older brother stared up at her before laughing uncontrollably

"Shut up, idiot. You don't look much better" Kamilah said causing her brother to shut his mouth.

They all arrived at the park and Kamilah saw the other family; there were 3 boys all older than her standing around a puddle on the grass, she smiled softly already scheming.

She jumped out of the car and went running straight away; her mother turned to watch her run and knew where she was going

"Kamilah don't you dare" she screamed but Kamilah was already there. She jumped directly into the muddy puddle, splashing up mud and water onto the three boy's nice clothes; including her own.

She laughed loudly as the boy's faces contorted into a frown; that was when the war begun; but only between her and Slade.

This is my story; it really all begun that day and if someone told me then that I would be here now; I probably would have cried screamed and caused a fuss; refusing every word of it.

I suppose it is a bit like my own fairy tale… it starts with the once upon a time but ends with something a bit more realistic then the happily ever after, but it's not the happily ever after that is important it's all the lessons and fun and heartbreak in between that makes you become who you are now. Well that's my theory anyway.

"Get you're butt down here now Kamilah Jane" I heard my mother scream from downstairs. She must have known I was awake, or she just wanted to wake me but it was 9 on a Saturday morning and I did not want to spend it with Slade

"Not going mum but I will see you when you get back" I screamed back and hiding under my doona as I heard the footsteps walk fast up the stairs and seconds later my door was swung open

"You are coming right now missy" and with that she ripped the covers off my bed to leave me cold.

"Bitch" I mumbled under my breath as she walked out.

I opened my cupboard to see me in the full length mirror. I was medium height and skinny; although still with the curves in the right areas. I had curly auburn hair that was nearly always up cause it annoyed me too much when it was down.

I also had big blue eyes, which I had inherited from my father. I sighed and bent down to pick up an old pair of jeans and a band shirt that lay crumpled on the floor. I hardly ever dressed up to go out with the Jones family; they knew me too well anyway. I left the house without a word to my parent's or brother but grabbing an apple on the way out. They knew to leave me alone this early on weekend mornings.

We arrived at the place we had been meeting them for 12 years; I could not see the boys anywhere so quickly ran up the hill to my spot which has kept me save for a long time. I sat down at the bottom of the hill and put my feet in the river

"So this is where you always come alone" I heard a voice very close to my ear

"Oh buzz off Slade" I said reaching behind me and pushing him in the chest

"You hurt me Kam how could you not want to spend time with me?"

Slade Jones, the most egotistical, annoying male in the world. So yeah he was kinda cute and the whole female population wanted him but I knew the real him, he was tall and built well, not too big but you could still see the muscles under the shirts he wore. His hair was a light brown colour and was always sticking up in different directions giving him the I-don't-give-a-shit look. His eyes were the only thing that ever got me; they were an amazing hazel colour with beautiful specks of green in them. I would never let anyone know that of course but sometimes I would find myself just looking and forgetting who he was.

"See I knew you did, you won't stop staring at me" and I snapped out of my reality realising I probably had been staring at him. I quickly stood up

"Alright so what do you have in store for me today?" I said as he was never this nice to me

"What? Can't a guy just talk to one of his closest friends?" he said swinging an arm around my shoulder. I picked it up like it was diseased and threw it off

"Since when are we friends Slade?"

"Since I really need to ask you a favour" I stood there waiting for him to continue; I wasn't going to say yes until I knew what it was

"Well, Nelly has asked me out again and I love her as a friend but she won't stop asking me to be with her so… I kinda told her… that I had a girlfriend"

Nelly was the cool popular girl that had long legs, blonde hair, blue eyes and big boobs; she had been hung up on Slade forever and her fantasy was the two popular best friends going out thing, unfortunately Slade did not feel the same way about her

"And…" I said; really starting to worry about what he had done

"I told her that you and I got together" there was silence, nothing was running through my mind; then it hit me

"What the fuck Slade?"

"I know, it's stupid of me but you were the only person I could think of on the spot and I promise just come to one party with me and then we can break up"

"What do I get from this?" I said smiling slightly as I thought about how much he would owe me

"I will make a truce with you; for 2 months I will not play any pranks"

"And you will be my slave" I said laughing out loud, evilly. I saw him roll his eyes at me and then I saw the glint in them; the one that meant I was in trouble and the next thing I knew I was in freezing cold water on my bum. Slade was standing where I had been holding his stomach laughing

"The truce doesn't start till you say yes" I pulled myself out of the river and walked off. I didn't think it would be easy pretending to be his girlfriend; I had to seriously think about it. I sulked in the car for the rest of the day, nearly freezing as the sun went down and I was still wet.

When we eventually got home I quickly rolled into bed and was drifting off to sleep when I heard the loud beep come from my phone

So are you going to play along or not?

I thought of how fun things would be with him being my slave and having the truce for 2 months

Yeah sure, I will play along but on my terms. Goodnight lover.

I then switched my phone off and rolled over; not long after that I was asleep.