Name Omitted died on March first, 2019 at the age of twenty-eight. The cause of death was undetermined. A group of followers have stated that they strongly believe there is a conspiracy involved. She led an eventful life. After her graduation from You Don't Know Where High School in 2008, she went on to study parapsychology, communications, cinematography, paranormal studies, sociology and alternate medicine herbology and the use of plants for healing. She traveled around the world, unafraid to venture into the dark corners of society, finding people and plants and places where she became more and more familiar with the strange and unusual. She learned of and recorded the customs and lifestyles of a great variety of people from all kinds of alternate societies and subcultures around the globe that many people have misconceptions about. Her findings will be published as she had wished. Her final resting place will be in the mausoleum in her hometown of Apucarana, Brazil, where she was born and grew up, in a crypt fashioned after the tombs of the ancient people she had greatly admired and revered for their wisdom and contemporary views, the Etruscans. As she had wished, she will be cremated. Name Omitted chose to be an organ donor and her memory will forever live with her family.

The Resting Place:

A mausoleum, in the form of gothic architecture such as can be seen in the illustration provided, of the Lowther Mausoleum, with four mythical figures mounted on each corner of the building. Inside, the mausoleum serves as a gallery for all the works and accomplishments of mine, my paintings of disproportionate, disfigured, yet lovable figures I adore, the sketches of dresses and faces of figures, the films I plan on making, the clothes I plan on putting together someday, based on my sketches, and the family tree, the huge tree, with all the lost family I will hopefully someday find, will cover the entire wall, directly across from the entrance. The mausoleum gallery leads to a beautiful, yet partially hidden and completely private, staircase, which if followed will direct the visitor to the Crypt. The Crypt itself is fashioned after the strange works of Antonio Gaudi, whose architectural style greatly inspires me. The crypt has columns made of a selection of strange, yet natural components, such as earth and masonry type things. The shape of the crypt, which leads to the tomb, makes it look like a sort of cave, without angles the columns rise from the floors as if they were trees that just sprouted spontaneously. The crypt led to the tomb, which, like the ones from Etruria it is fashioned after, is a parallel of the domains of the living, the rooms, though, instead of adorned with relief sculpture, is adorned with symbols, such as the ones seen in Egyptian tombs, but are not all necessarily all hieroglyphs, but a sort of combination of all kinds of alphabets and symbols and cuneiform. The symbols in the walls all depict the accomplishments of my life, and each different style of writing represents a different part of my life. The ashes of mine will be placed in a small elaborate box, the symbol of infinity and/or immortality illustrated there along with the Egyptian symbol for the ba, the soul see illustration, to represent that the soul will be forever living, even though the mortal remains decay. This box will be encased by another box and another and another, all inside a bigger sarcophagus, where a candle shall be lit in my honor in my birthday every year.