Muto Fides

Version II

Skye and I were climbing to the platform on the gym ceiling… He was winning. Eoin was belaying Skye and Jett was belaying me… About three fourths of the way up, we were dead even…

I saw Skye's rope go tight as he struggled with the ascenders, trying to move them. I looked up and saw his rope was untangling… I remember Jett swinging my rope over to Skye's… I grabbed a figure eight plate and barely managed to lock our ropes together.

"Skye!" I called, "Grab my hand!"

He refused to admit that anything was wrong and glared at me as if I was disrupting his climb, "No! Now get out of my way!" He reached his hand up and undid the figure eight that was holding our ropes together…

"Damnit you idiot!" I yelled as I grabbed the figure eight before it could fall.

Suddenly, his rope snapped. Skye panicked for a second before grabbing onto the figure eight in my hand… The sudden weight pulled my arm sharply downwards as the plate ripped into my palm… I remember seeing blood—MY blood—going down Skye's arm… I heard distant voices yelling, 'Don't let go!'

My eyes locked with his… I'm sure he could see the pain, even if he couldn't see the blood… His eyes looked worried… Almost scared, but not for his own life…

Jett was able to lower us to the ground… My free hand was holding the rope above my head… Skye slid his free hand up to the rope and gently placed it on top of mine. We bent our knees into a sitting position on the floor and I rested my head against his shoulder. My arm hurt… And he knew it…

"…Everything's going to be okay." I heard him say as I felt his hand on the back of my head. I nodded slightly and pulled him closer…

For some reason there was no ambulance… The teacher asked Skye to drive me to the hospital and he agreed almost instantly.

Victrona and Shade ran downstairs near us asking a million questions about what happened. The teacher quickly asked them to get our things from the locker room and they ran off in a flash.

Skye watched Shade go into the locker room, and then helped me up and into the hall… I had my head resting against his chest now. I felt him lightly touch my bad arm.

"Does it hurt?" He asked.

I looked up at him and his face was blank… I nodded slightly and felt him hug me… Eve was watching us from behind a corner… She didn't realize I was hurt and from her angle, she thought we were kissing… Then she texted Setsuna.

She started to walk over, but Skye spotted her and lightly pulled me towards the door. Victrona and Shade followed us outside with our things.

… I don't remember being in the hospital at all, but I do remember walking out… I was hugging myself. My entire right arm was bandaged, from my shoulder to my palm, with some tape on my fingers.

Skye walked up behind me and lightly placed his black leather jacket over my shoulders and led me back to his car. He opened the door and shut it as I sat down. Then he got in the driver's side.

He was about to start the engine but stopped and looked at me, "Do you want to go home?"

I looked at my feet, "…No…"

He frowned, "You should tell your parents wh-"


He started the car and we drove to his house… He needed to pick up some climbing gear. He turned the engine off and looked at me. He smiled and said, "I'll be right back." Then he got out of the car.

A few minutes past… and then I heard yelling. I got out and I was about to knock on the door. I heard Skye arguing with his father about why he wasn't in class.

I opened the door, "It was my fault." I said, "I'm sorry…" I looked down…

His father got mad and tried to throw a punch at me, Skye jumped in the way in a second and caught his father's fist. His father swung his other arm around and grabbed Skye's shirt collar. He picked Skye a good three inches off the ground and slammed him into the nearest wall.

I watched Skye fall to the floor as his father turned to throw a punch at me again. I ducked as if it was instinct and spun on my left foot and threw my shoulder against his. I glanced over at Skye who was looking at me in disbelief as his father fell to the ground.

"Let's get out of here." I said while beginning to walk over to him.

He nodded and stood up. He winced slightly and covered his stomach with his hand and leaned back against the wall. I frowned and helped him back to the car. We both got in and I looked at him.

"Are you alright?"

He didn't answer… He started the car and we drove off.

I gave him directions to my house and I saw my mother standing at the door… I asked Skye to wait in the car and I got out. I walked over to my mother and tried to explain what happened without giving her many details, but she protested. I started begging her to let Skye stay at our house for a few weeks. Although, still protesting, she eventually agreed and let him in.

Since we had no spare rooms, he had to sleep on the couch… He slept with his shirt off and the covers were pulled down to his waist. I sat next to him and sighed… I felt bad for him… Everything he had to deal with that I never realized. I glanced at his shoulder and froze. It was out of socket and starting to turn blue and purple…

I frowned again and ran him fingers along the bruised section. I whispered something in another language… I think it was 'velkolshka vekk.' Somehow I knew it meant 'magick healing.' His arm started to heal and his eyes fluttered open and locked with mine.

"…What are you…?"

He tried to sit up but I lightly pushed him back down, "Just hold still."

He did so as he saw his arm heal. He blinked and staring in disbelief, "That's… Impossible."

I looked at him, "…There's more than just angels and demons."

My eyes locked with his again, and he had no idea what to say in response.