The Grim Reaper Fell Asleep

December 5, 2007

The Grim Reaper fell asleep

And left my spirit in the heap.

My soul and body were still one

As I screamed in pain to the beating drums.

The mourners watched with tear stained eyes,

And ears quite deaf to my astral cries.

My body burned, consumed with fire

As they built the pyre even higher.

The hot red flame licked my ears and nose

My innards, fingers and tips of toes.

Still I writhed, and clawed, and gasped

Praying to heaven that this would pass.

The Devil in Hell could hear my cries

And roared with laughter and gripped his sides.

God in Heaven cast an angry eye

And commanded Death to hurriedly fly.

"Release him from his mortal chains!

Unbind his soul from human plains!"

Yet the grim reaper did not hear

Did not tremble in terror and fear.

For here sweet Death had fallen asleep

And had left my spirit in the heap.