My Dear, Delirious Man.
You unimaginable bastard. You wretch.
Your plan ate away at my heart,
cutting deep and tearing to shreds
what I desperately tried to pry from your grasp.

You never ended it. You let me suffer.
You left me like an animal. To wait
for my dear, loving master. For the day
you'd "Return to me." Bull fuckin shit.
You left me with hope, you coward.

I remained yours as you cast me aside
knowing full well my patience, honesty
and faith in you, unyielding and undeserved.
I waited for you to come home to me.
To love me as you did.

You never ended it, but you never came back.
You let me know from out of arms reach
that you' d not return to me, That you
no longer loved me, and just as soon find
someone else to wait on you.

But you ended them. You denied them,
And you left them in much a different way.
You still havent ended me. You prick.
You'll come back and hope to see
your servent girl, your starcrossed love.

You left me on some abandoned corner,
and I was stolen away. And I am not now
and not ever, and never will be
waiting for you to return to me, Master.

And your torn and broken heart
will, in turn, be slave to mine.