Is there a reason people hate me so much. What did I ever do to them? I'm me and they are them. I hate them, because they hate me. A stupid reason to hate someone I know, but what is there left when you have nothing but hate.

Everyone hates me, because I'm alive. They hate me for being here. My mum hate's me, my dad hate's me, I have no friends.

Is it meant to be this way? Am I meant to be alone all my life, hated and abused.

I what something more, I want someone to notice me. I want to be myself, and be proud of it. Why must people make me feel worthless all the time? I didn't do anything to them.

Maybe I'm just one of those people. I have to live the life of pain. I have to hurt myself in order to feel alive. I need to see my own blood so I know can live.

Maybe one day I'll cut to deep.

Would people care if I died? Would they come to my grave and give me flowers. Would it be only in death that I know people loved me? Do I have to die, so they can show they care?

Or should I leave this place and start a new life, when I can be me, where I can have friends and be happy.

Happy, happy is something I haven't felt in years.

Depression, do I have depression? Do I really what to die in order to know if I'm loved?

Would I finally be at peace?

Would it be cold or warm?

Would I find peace, in death?

Or would I find suffering?

Someone help me. My wings are broken and I'm fall. Free falling into the unknown.

Will someone give me my wings to fly once again?

Or do I fall to my death?