Good Gracious Ghana Ghazal

Sun-baked shirts leave salty silhouettes on sandy ground Ghana

Sweating was a way of life even in the shade found Ghana

She said breakfasts' served til morning classes, Comfort was Mother around Ghana

Two fried eggs with fresh pineapple at the rooster's sound Ghana

Hot wax bleeds into brilliant batik fabrics, square not round Ghana

Submerged in boiling water reveals color's vibrant resound Ghana

Luke-warm beer at best in recycled bottles green, glass, brown Ghana

Draining cups with laughter on bent bottle-caps that drowned Ghana

Concrete dance-floor for blistered feet that pound Ghana

In lines then circles like rag-tag ballerinas impressing white kids can dance to a village elder renowned Ghana

Walk the compacted streets Danny, run if you must before the dirt cyclone rises up and surrounds Ghana

A pauper's wallet with flip-flopped feet makes for an experience in profound Ghana