Don't Be Stupid (REVISED)
You sit in a pool of your own blood.
It drips off the needle poised in your hand,
And down the thread that connects your torn flesh together.
You're always the one left to heal yourself.

Why do you dissect yourself for others?
Open yourself for them to see what lies inside?
You do this for everyone that stays long enough,
And they leave you sitting in a pool of your own blood.

What are you hoping for?
Hoping that showing yourself like this will force them to care?
Hoping that they'll take pity on you?
Hoping that you'll finally be able to call someone a true friend?

Stop being stupid,
'Cause no one cares.
They won't be there for you;
They have their own guts to deal with;
They don't need to see yours.

Hide the scars of hurt and disappointment,
And leave behind pointless dreams.
Don't let anyone in,
'Cause all they do is leave.