It Is Happy in Heaven (English Text Only)

by Isay Pamintuan

This is the text portion of my book about to be published. It is dedicated to a real terminally ill child who I met several years ago, and to all other children now who are in the situation she was in. I hope you enjoy the story. Please support my book by buying it when it is published (which will be very soon, late this year or early next year). Please see my profile page for more details.

Page 1. Angela

My name is Angela. I'm seven years old. I'm staying in a hospital right now. My doctor said my body's condition is already really bad.

I even heard him say to Mother that I probably won't get well anymore, and that I'm going to die soon. I got scared because of what he said, and so I asked Mother some questions.

Page 2. He'll Send You an Angel

"Mother, what will happen to me when I die?"

This is what Mother told me:

"My daughter, don't be afraid. God will send an angel who will pick you up and bring you to heaven."

Page 3. The Gate to Heaven

"When you reach the gates of heaven, you will truly be awed.

The gates of heaven are made of pure gold.

The angel who brought you there will say goodbye to you first, and leave you there."

"He will leave me? Why?" I asked Mother.

Page 4. San Pedro (Saint Peter)

"Well, it's because near the gates of heaven, you'll see Saint Peter. He's always smiling, and he's always carrying his pet rooster around with him. He only lets good people enter heaven. I'm sure that he will let you in."

"Really, Mother? I wonder why he always carries his rooster around with him?" I asked.

"I'm sure you'll learn the answer to your question once you get to talk to him," Mother replied with a smile.

Page 5. A Multitude of Angels

"Once you enter heaven, you'll immediately see a multitude of angels.

All of them will be happily dancing and singing praises to God.

I think you'll feel like singing along with them."

"Ah, I didn't know angels danced and sang too," I said.

Page 6. You'll See Them Again

"Angela, do you remember your grandpa and grandma who passed away when you were very little?

And Bow-wow, your dog who got run over? They're all up there in heaven. They'll all meet you once you get there."

"I don't remember grandpa and grandma too clearly anymore, but I'm glad I'll be able to see them again after such a long time.

And I'll be able to see Bow-wow again? That makes me so happy!"

(Note: The "Aw! Aw!" is pronounced to rhyme with "Cow" and it is Filipino onomatopoeia for a dog barking. :D )

Page 7. New Friends

"In heaven, all the pain you feel in your body now will disappear. There, you can play whenever you want to. In heaven, you will meet many other children who can be your playmates."

"I'll be so happy in heaven, Mother!"

Page 8. Santo NiƱo (Jesus as a Child)

"And sometimes, the Lord Himself will play with you. You'll be so happy with Him. He will take very good care of you."

"I'll be able to play with God personally? Wow!"

Page 9. Sleep Soundly Now

"Mother, it really is going to be so much fun in heaven!"

And Mother then said, "and so, Angela, don't be afraid of death anymore. After your life in this world, there's a happier life waiting for you, a life you'll spend in God's company."

"Thank you so much, Mother. Now I can sleep soundly tonight."

The End.