The fallen hero

Who am I but a lie,

A falsehood spun in sugar coated words,

Permanent as the ever shifting birds,

A lier through which something else

lives every second,

I've lied to them,

To you and

To me

And when this web of decipt is spun,

When the bell, the acrid lie is rung,

Mistakes their vile course have run,

Will my world become undone,

I find mysel afloat alone confused,

By friends and fanticies abused,

Left adrift on unfamiliar seas,

Sails set yet thay catch no breeze,

Not knowing what in me she sees

A lie, the truth?

Something in between?

-I know I'm not the hero you make me out to be-

A traitor to save my own hide,

A simple truth but I lied,

The fault was mine,

I stood aside,

Temptation called I should have missed,

I complicate things, I try to kiss,

How am a still a good man?