They came at us so fast; we didn't have time to think it through. They made contact with us, speaking a very fast, unknown language. They were green, scaly, and had 3 legs and 4 arms with big eyes, an enormous head and a too small body.

Once they had reached us to communicate, our general and President (Bush) and the U.N had all the soldiers that weren't already fighting a war to get stationed in every nation, country and continent. War was declared.

I was stationed on a mountain in Colorado. It was cold and I had 2 layers of clothing to cover myself from the cold night, it had just rained a few hours ago so now it was very muddy and slippery. I looked to the starry sky and waved a fist at it for the heck of it. A rustle of bushes alerted everyone in the camp and we all cocked our rifles if needed.

A squirrel scurried out and I let out a breath, it was short lived as one of the others shot at it and killed it; my eyes widened and my mouth dropped open. He swore slightly before wiping the top of his gun and looking annoyed, "Bloody thing scared us!" he said in his own defense as everyone stared at him in shock.

That's when it happened, we heard another rustling. The other guy swore again and picked up his rifle, "I swear, if it's another squirrel!" he glared at the bush and a leg appeared…it was green, scaly; then the whole of the being appeared, it was even more gruesome than the leg itself.

One by one, more of them swarmed around camp; the rest of us all were scattering instead of what the general told us to do…which was stay together and fight as a force.

So, now that I was deserted with only my rifle and a few more bullets, I ran to the forest and away from those things. For the rest of the night, while I try to stay hidden, I heard screams of pain from my fellow comrades and then what was most likely space crafts flying over me.

The next morning, it was windy and very bright. I squinted against the sun as I made my way through the thick trees and muddy ground. I guess you could call me lazy…I sat in a tree all night, waiting for it all to blow over…or at least till morning, whichever came first, and then go out if it was morning. I slipped a few times in the mud.

I heard some more saucers fly over head and quickly hid by a tree, I bent down and smeared some mud on my face…of course after I made sure it was mud. Then I continued on, when I reached a very big clearing, it was a nightmare. People were dead or dying and the aliens…a sticky blue substance was oozing out of one of them while they twitched violently at my feet. I shivered and gagged slightly before looking around. I cocked my rifle again, for the third time and went into war. I shot a few in the head or chest with my rifle before a searing pain was in my leg and then another into my other leg. I fell to the ground and it hurt, a lot!

I looked round and seen a few of my fellows around me, still fighting their all before spotting another alien. I started crawling for it, ready to try and kill it if possible.

I started crawling towards it, it hurt to move from the bullet wounds in my legs, I couldn't move them…I knew that if I were to survive this…I'd be paralyzed.

The alien turned his big, buggy eyes at me and I scowled at it. It took something out of its pocket, seeming to be a bead, and put it into its gun thingy-ma-jiggy.

It shot its gun at me and the bead lodged itself into my chest. Searing pain spread through my whole body and I felt myself shaking uncontrollably before everything went dark and silent… and then I finally felt peace.


(oh yea, I put it as a comedy cause I thought it needed it)