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Realm Wars Book 1
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Episode 1-

-Deception Part 1

-Hidden Village of Cellice-

A person slept for ages, dreaming of nothing, and yet remembered nothing. For, he doesn't know who he was or where he came from. He rested alone in a village, which was hidden from the world, as he was free to roam, but yet prisoner to his own mind. How he came across the village was a mystery all of its own, but he was found unconscious, equipped with two specially made nodachis. He was then taken to the village to be treated from his deep wounds, and was left alone, as he continues to sleep, which he hasn't woken up for days.

Rumors about this person were, that he had a look of a young teenager, about 18 years of age, with a face that could attract any females. With a face of an angel, while sleeping, he already gotten most admires in the village just constantly staring at him as he slept. Even the daughter to the village chief had taken interests to him, and she was arranged to marry somebody else in couple of days. She took frequent visits to the supply hut, where he had been sleeping, and talked to him about her self. She pretended that he was listening while she told him her problems and was always there for her.

"Hello, its Klaire again," she softly whispered to the sleeping teenager. Her eyes lowered and looked at his face and started to blush, just by his appearance. "Oh, how I wish that you could wake up and tell me who you are," she whispered again, sighing, and brushed the strands of silver hair from his forehead.

"Klaire..." he slowly repeated her name, causing her face to blush a deeper red and she smiled wide.

"So you can hear me," she whispered excitedly, "I still wish that you can wake up right now."

"..." He moved his lips but no sounds were being made, disappointing Klaire.

"In couple of days I am getting married to a guy named Gene. Even though it was an arranged marriage by our parents, I have little feelings for him. Most of the girls in the village are treating me like the luckiest girl in town, and also very jealous of me to marry somebody like him. But now, you came in the village, and ever since then, I had been having strange powerful feelings every time I look at you. I think I had fallen in love with you, but that's impossible, since you been asleep the whole time you were here.

"I now wished you could be the one that I was going to get married to and spend my life with. I do not care how you sound like or how you act but as long we share the same feelings I am willing to do whatever it takes. Sometimes, I feel like Gene doesn't like me that kind of a way, and wouldn't marry me if our marriage weren't arranged. I see him looking at other girls, and flirting with them, thinking that it doesn't mean anything, because we are going to get married anyways.

"I might sound so stupid right now, talking to somebody who hasn't been awake since you got here. But, something deep inside of me believes that you are listening to me, and wants to be here for me. Oh how I wish you woke up now, so I can reveal my feelings toward you. Please young sir, can you wake up because I want to get to know you better, and know what you are like."

Klaire still hadn't taken her eyes off of the mysterious teenager and having full of life, hope and love within her eyes. She stood up from kneeling down besides him, slowly turning toward the door, and slipped outside unnoticed. With the doors closed, the teenager slowly opened his eyes. It revealed two dark silver eyes that was darker than his hair and looked confusingly at the ceiling above him. Now awaked, his face was much more pure, innocent, youthful, and plus more attractive, but his eyes had a deeper meaning than what it is showing; something mysterious.

He used his arms, placing his tanned hands on the ground to lift him self up to a sitting position, and having his upper body arched forward. He bended his legs closer to his body and rocked forward onto his feet, now kneeling. He took his time straightening his legs, and also his back, rising slowly to a reasonable height. His eyes wondered around the small supply room, his nose quickly catches the sent of perfume that was left behind from Klaire. The cool and silent shimmer breeze rattled the wooden walls as he tried to concentrate what to do next.

It now occurred to him that he doesn't remember anything about who he was, where he was from, and also where he was. In fact, nothing about him came to his mind, but a sweet voice from the back of his mind, whispering over and over. Feeling his leg muscle getting tired, from not being used having too much weight onto them, he leaned against the wall and slumped down. He tilted his head down, closing his eyes, and drifting into the dream world once again, but this time, having an intention of waking soon.

-:l:- -:l:- -:l:-

Early in the afternoon, Klaire had a sudden craving to go see the mysterious teenager, which she has secretly fallen in love with. She slipped through the village unaware, and slowly headed towards the supply hut, where the young man would most likely still be. She grasped the door handle pulling it towards her, and opened the door. With the door opened, her eyes suddenly widen, seeing that the young man was surprisingly gone. She turned around leaving the door open, rushing towards the village's chief hut, and ran inside, seeing her father sitting down smiling at her.

"My beautiful daughter, what is the matter for you to come in like this?" he slowly said looking at her.

"Father," she said breathing in and out quickly, "The boy in the supply hut is gone!"

"Hahaha," the village chief quietly laughed to him self, "Do not fear my daughter. He has finally woken up and he is touring the village as we speak."

"Oh, so he is finally awake," Klaire said, smiling more than she ever smiled before in her entire life, and her father caught this, raising his eyebrow in suspicion

Before the village chief could say anything, Klaire left the large hut in an instant, smiling and feeling the same warmth she felt earlier that day. Once outside, her eyes darted around, moving her head, and spinning around, trying to find where the teenager was. Out from the corner, two people were walking towards the training grounds, and huge crowd of unmarried females were following them. She smiled to herself, knowing that one of the two was the person she had been waiting for, ever since she laid her eyes upon him.

"This way to the training grounds, sir," the tall muscular person said showing signs that he is well trained for battle. He also had that pretty boy look and vibe, which he used to melt any female's heart that he talked to.

"..." The mysterious teenager just nodded his head without saying anything, but understood what was being told to him.

"It seems you are becoming quite popular with the ladies," the guy said laughing, causing the teenager to look confused, as to why he is laughing. "I am talking about the fan club you got going there behind us," he said pointing his thumb behind them.

"..." The mysterious teenager turned his head behind him, seeing little bit more than two dozen females following them. The second he turned his head, the females instantly blushed, while some fainted but was being caught by the others behind them.

"Don't worry dude, I get that kind of reaction from the girls all the time. You get used to it after a while so don't sweat it," he said patting the teenager's back, while the teenager turned his head back in front of him.

The two finally reached the training grounds, where several male and females were sparing with one another, using sticks as a substitute to swords. The teenager's eyes were lit up, as he sees the fighting and the swordplay that they were doing, causing something deep within to stir. The guy noticed his reaction and smiled to him self, as he led the teenager towards the area, still being followed by the group of ladies. Klaire was not too far behind, following the group and the two, towards the training grounds, where she recognized who the guide was.

"Alright, I can tell from your eyes that you have a strong desire to do this," the guy said picking up a three-foot long stick. "Let see if you got some skills," he said walking towards the teenager, handing him the long stick, which the teenager eagerly took. "You over there!" the guy yelled toward another male practicing alone, which instantly stopped by the voice and headed toward him.

"Yeah, Gene?" the man answered, looking at Gene, and then to the teenager he had never seen before.

"This is the newcomer to the village that woke up earlier this morning. Something tells me that this dude can handle a sword quite well, and I want you to spar with him," Gene happily grinned toward the man.

"You sure you want me to spar with him? I am second best, only to you, and isn't he on the pale side, even from his tan skin," the man whispered to Gene.

"Just do it," Gene said, walking away, leaving the man and the teenager to stand in open ground. The females were on the sideline and were cheering for the young teenager.

"Is Ras really going to fight him now?" Klaire slowly thought to her self, watching them and was also standing alone without anybody realizing she was there.

Ras gets into the proper stance, having one of his legs forward, allowing enough space. He raised the stick with both hands like a samurai style. The teenager stood casually, holding the stick with his right hand, looking at it, and then looked up at his opponent. Ras now has the stick out in front of him, pointing upward an angle, and eyed the teenager, who just stood there. The teenager gripped the handle with his other hand, and moved his body and the stick so he was standing sideways with the stick at an angle point downwards. Everyone that came to watch the sparring session looked baffled at the unknown fighting stance that the teenager was in.

"Ready when you are," Ras called out, holding his stick steady in his hands.

The teenager slightly snapped his head back, and tightened his grip on his stick as he wanted Ras to make the first move. Ras narrowed his eyes, running forward and moved his stick to his side, while he kept his legs in a stable balance position and kept his height constant. He then brought the stick up and then downward to the young teenager upper body aiming to shoulder. The teenager swung his own stick in a swift motion, blocking the attack, and countered instantly hitting Ras' hands. Ras quickly stepped back, his eyes twitched from the pain of his hands that kept a firm tight hold on his stick.

Not bad, Ras thought to himself, trying to figure out an opening of this mysterious teenager.

Klaire watches helplessly while Ras, the second best fighter of the village, was fighting against a stranger that she didn't want to see get hurt. She continued to watch intensively as Ras made another move, attacking the stranger with quick rapid slashes. The teenager evaded rather than block the sudden onslaught as he moved fluently and smoothly in-between each attacks. Everyone watched in awe, seeing this young teenager demonstrate skills and abilities that they thought were impossible. The way he moved, his body glided peacefully around the training area, anticipating Ras' moves, and evading them flawlessly.

In excitement, Klaire walked closer to the training grounds, now being with the crowd, getting a better view on the battle. Ras seemed to be tiring from all of his offensive attacks, while the one she secretly loved was calm as she first met him. Her eyes lock with his pure innocent gaze, and felt lost within them, while he continued to concentrate on the attack patterns of his opponent. Gene caught Klaire watching the stranger, and for the first time in his life, he was becoming jealous that somebody has taken his spotlight.


Gene returned his focus on the battle, seeing Ras was unarmed, and his stick was flying in the air. The teenager reached back with his left arm, and caught the blade in his hand. With both weapons, the stranger pointed them toward Ras, who just fell down to his knees. He then bowed his head; showing that he lost with honor and respect. Ras slowly got up, extending his right hand out towards the victor of the battle, but the young teenager just look at it confused. Ras showed the teenager the basic of a handshake. When he got it down, the two shook hands one last time and smiled at each other.

"Congratulations," Klaire yelled out toward the young teenager, and ran towards him, fueling Gene's jealousy.

"Hi Klaire," Ras casually said, seeing her running towards them and stopping when she got close.

"Thank you Sir Ras, it seems that you are now the third best of the village," Klaire teased Ras, making him red from embarrassment that he lost.

"Don't you forget Klaire, I am still considered the second best of the village, since he isn't part of the village," Ras replied, smiling at her.

"Then we should make him a member as soon as possible then and you two could have a rematch," Klaire said sticking her tongue out at him.

"No, he beat me fair and square and I highly doubt it that I could win against him anytime soon," Ras quietly responded.

"Awww, I am just messing with you. You will always be second best fighter of the village," Klaire jokingly said, patting Ras on the back.

"I see that you got skills," Gene coldly said, finally snapping out of his temper and walked up to the three.

"..." The stranger just stared at him seemingly unable to say anything.

"Isn't he great Gene? He might even be better than you," Klaire teased Gene who constantly glared at the teenager

"In matter of fact. I want to find out now," Gene said getting two wooden training swords; one in each hand.

"I was just teasing you Gene. Can we do something else," Klaire complained, trying to get Gene to stop, noticing the anger in his eyes.

"No, I want to settle this once right now," Gene said giving a quick kiss on Klaire's lips and pushed her away, where Ras kept her safe.

"Be careful," Klaire whispered to herself towards the stranger as she wiped her mouth in disgust.

"Come at me with all of what you got! Because I am not holding back against you!" Gene called out, while the stranger tightened his grip on the two wooden swords.

Gene walked up towards the young teenager, with the two swords in his hand, and glared at the teenager, making Klaire worry about him. The two began fighting, using the duel wooden swords, attacking and blocking each other, with amazing agility and skills. Gene pushed himself all the way fighting, as he attacked way faster and fiercer than before, taking it as far as to wanting to kill him. The teenager already sensed the emotions behind Gene's attacks, and only took the defensive.

-:l:- -:l:- -:l:-

During the whole battle, Gene had been only on the offensive, trying to inflict harm against the teenager. His anger burned within him, as he thought that he only had Klaire's affection. Taking his jealousy to a whole new level, Gene managed enough force in his slashes that it broke both of the teenager's swords. While the pieces fell toward the ground, Gene continued attacking, in which the teenager tried to evade the assault. The teenager quickly jumped back, away from Gene and knelt down, but Gene rushed to him.

"Stop!" Klaire yelled, standing in front of the teenager having her arms paralleled to the ground, in order for her to stop Gene's rush.

"Get out of the way," Gene said, putting a lot of effort to sound calm, "We are currently in the middle of a match."

"The fight is over. Can't you see that you already won," Klaire said in disgust of Gene.

"The fight is only starting my dear. Isn't that right?" Gene said, tossing one of his wooden swords to the stranger who caught it, but lowered it to the ground.

"Its enough," Klaire said angry towards Gene, glaring at him with a look she never used before.

"I don't know why you so mad about, since we were only sparring," Gene said, looking away, while Klaire turned to the teenager, and grabbed his arm.

"Let's go," Klaire said, loud enough for Gene to turn towards her, and saw her taking him to the forest trail.

"Where do you think you're going?" Gene called out to Klaire, but she ignored him, and disappeared within the forest trail, still dragging the teenager behind.

The teenager tried his hardest to look at her, while her hand was holding onto his wrist, gently pulling him further along the forest path. She turned her head around looking at him, smiling, making him blush seeing her beauty for the first time, since he was awake now. Her hazel eyes sparkling by the sunlight that was peeking through the forest treetops, while her brown hair trailed down her back. He closed his eyes thinking about the voice he been hearing in his sleep and it was like somebody was talking to him through heaven.

"I am going to take you to a place that is special to me in some way," she softly said, while she turned her head back in front of her.

Episode 1-

-Deception Part 2

Everything had been going by so fast, just the other day she was constantly thinking about her wedding day with Gene. Ever since "he" had come into her life, she didn't even think about the wedding anymore. Not even the fact she was getting about to get married towards Gene, the most desirable man in the village, Her one true desire was to be with this stranger that she has yet to know, but deep within her, she loved him in a way that couldn't be explained. Can it be love at first sight? Was it destiny that he had come to her on the day he arrived in her life?

He noticed that every now and then, she would turn her head around, and looked at him, which her eyes gave off an angelic sparkle. Something about her made him seem at peace, and also calm, that he wished he spent his life with her and didn't care about his past. About several minutes running through the forest trail, she finally stopped running, and they began walking arm on arm. She doesn't quite know why these new feelings were surfacing now, but she didn't want it to stop, as long he is responsible.

"I am sorry about Gene," she slowly said, while she still continued to look in front of them. "I think he gotten jealous for the first time, seeing me with you. I could never imagine him getting jealous over me, since he was always seen with other girls. For some reason, I never gotten really jealous when I do see him with other girls, because I think deep inside, I knew I wasn't in love with him.'

Klaire shyly looked down, thinking about what she actually said, and who she said it to, without hesitation or holding back. had she totally forgotten all about Gene, and the wedding, ever since he had appeared and it seemed she couldn't think of nothing else. Had she truly fallen in love with him even though they barely knew each other? But, that wasn't what she was really thinking about. Would he accept her? Would he return the same affections to her? Would he be there for her? All of these questions were raiding her mind taking over the thoughts she used to have before.

"Well, here we all," she said, going off the trail, deeper in the woods, and quickly coming across a clearing that overlooked the valley below.

She pulled him near the edge of the cliff, having the radiant, clear, blue sky above and the smoothed, calm green, valley below. A slight breeze blew against them, carrying the untainted, innocent scent of the surroundings, bestowing them the experience of somewhat beyond. The scenery showed perfect harmony and beauty, which couldn't be described in the simplicity of words, but felt through the soul whoever looked at it. Without even realizing it before, he looked down, seeing her hand grasping firmly in his hand, like they were in love for a long time. He continued to look around, not wanting this moment to end, and also not wanting her to leave his side.

"When I was young, my mother used to take me up here before she died. She will tell me stories about her sneaking out the village, and came up here alone. Ever since she died, I had been sneaking out of the village, coming here like she was doing when she was little. Till one day I wanted to bring somebody I really love to this place, which we could share something special together. The second I laid my eyes upon you, I knew you were the one that I been waiting for to bring up here," she said looking at him with her eyes gazing deeply in his silver eyes.

The two of them were alone in a place that was very special to her, with the most romantic and surreal scenery around them. It was the perfect moment of her life that she wanted to last for eternality, a moment in which her love had no limits, and her dreams were realized. He didn't want to remember who he was anymore; he wanted to start a new life with her, and sharing this feeling he had never felt before. A feeling deep inside of him that warmed his whole entire essence. It gave him something that couldn't be explained in words, but his eyes told everything. He wanted this moment to last forever. He wanted to be with her forever. He wanted to love her forever.

"We should get back to the village. It is getting dark," she said, with her face so close to his, never taking her eyes off of his.

She titled her head towards him, making it seemed she was about to kiss him, but she only placed her head on his chest and had each other arms around each other. Minutes had past, but to them it was a lifetime, as they pulled apart, and walked back to the forest trail, hand in hand. They were heading back to the village but he sensed something, causing the both of them to stop, making her worry. Three dark figures dropped from the high treetops in front of them. It caused her to quickly hide behind her new love, while the three unsheathed out their swords. The teenager pointed to a place off the trail, and Klaire ran to it. She took cover and peeked out so she could clearly watch the four.

"Please come out of this alive," Klaire softly whispered.

One of the dark figures ran towards the teenager, with a sword drawn out, slashing downward. The teenager grabbed the figure's right wrist, which was holding the sword, with his left hand, and stopped him from swinging. He then lowered the weapon towards the ground and used his right hand to jab the unknown figured in the face. The person fell down in matter of seconds of rushing towards the teenager. The two stepped back taking precaution and underestimating their target.

The teenager bent down and picked up the sword that was dropped by the person that he already knocked unconscious, and now resting the blade on his shoulder. The two charged the teenager at the same time, attacking him head on, while he used his own sword to block their attacks. In Klaire's entire life, she had never seen somebody moved so fast and flawlessly. She then knew that he was only holding back against Gene's rage. This teenager had more self-control in his current state, than anybody she had ever known, which had spent years trying to master.

One of the two mysterious fighters swung his sword at the teenager, which he let it connected, with his own, making it only slide against it. While the blade slid off his sword, and hit the ground, he lunged forward, and spun around clockwise. He used his left arm to back elbow the person in the head and kept still spinning around. He then immediately gripped the hilt with both hands, and quickly swung his sword down. The cold steel sliced through his opponent's top part of his body, entering his skull, and exited from between the legs. The two halves split apart and the young teenager stood back up.

The teenager walked toward the last one standing and was letting his blade to drag on the ground, while the only survivor was shaking with fright. The fighter expelled his fear and took offensive, swinging his sword at the teenager. The teenager quickly raised his weapon to the side and swung his sword, forcefully hitting the blade painfully to the side. The force of the impact caused the hilt to instantly crush the fighter's hand from the intense velocity, but he still held onto the weapon. The teenager gave a puzzled look, and then a sigh, as the fighter swung his sword slower because of the pain. The teenager swung his sword more forceful, knocking the blade out of the fighter's hand, and made it fly over the treetops.

The fighter's hand had been twisted apart, which all the bones were dislocated and crushed into pieces. The teenager walked to the fighter, and then quickly hit him in the head, using the bottom part of the hilt. The force of the impact dented the mysterious fighter's skull. The fighter slowly collapsed unconscious to the ground, while the teenager tossed the sword away. He shook his head placing his right hand against his forehead and was surprised from what he had done. Klaire came out of hiding and grabbed onto him, now crying, thinking that he was going to get killed by the three. . She opened her eyes smelling something burning and saw smoke above the treetops.

"The village!" she yelled out loud, grabbing the teenager's arm and running towards the village.

This time, he was more eager to run with her towards the village, instead of her practically dragging him like last time. He was starting to have real feelings for her, and something in him doesn't want anything to happen to her or to the village. He doesn't remember having a home, a family, or even friends, but he wanted to start having those in this village, and protect it like it was his own. Whatever that was happening in the village, he wanted to stop it, and kill anybody that tried to threaten it in any possible way.

"Hurry up, the village is burning!" Klaire called out, turning her head to him for a split second and looked forward again.

They exited the forest trail, continuing through the training ground, and towards the burning village. Thick black smoke from the fire blanketed the city, blinding everybody that was still alive. While they continued to run, they heard loud screeching screams and metal against metal. The two finally entered the burning village, having their hands covering their mouth to not breath in the heavy smoke into their lungs. They could see dark figures in the distance, slaughtering the villagers, and hearing them screamed their last breath away.

Klaire clang onto the teenager, while she hid her face in his clothes, crying for all of her people that was dying all around them. In this moment, every thought vanished, and was replaced by Gene. She now wanted him to be okay and survive this horror that they were in. The two continued through the village and entered a wide-open space. They looked around, checking if anybody needed any help, but she only saw dead corpses. She then caught something at the corner of her eye, and instantly turned her head in the direction. She saw Gene using the teenager's two modified nodachis, and fought off a group of invaders. He was in front of the village chief's house, and was protecting it with everything that he has.

The teenager turned around and saw what Klaire was witnessing. He looked around and grabbed the hilt of a sword that was sticking out of a dead villager. He was about to go help Gene, but Klaire grabbed his arm. He quickly turned to her, seeing fear in her once innocent eyes, which told him that she doesn't want him to go. He looked at her with his eyes, showing that he must. He turned toward Gene, but his eyes widen when he saw a long blade entering Gene's chest. The blade exited quickly from his body and another blade went in him again. Soldiers suddenly surrounded the two with their swords drawn out and were ready to kill them. The teenager stayed near Klaire, walking in circles, and pointing his blade at them, while Klaire fearfully stayed behind him.

"They are soldiers from the Dark Empire," Klaire whispered slowly, noticing the armor they were wearing. "Yes, they are the soldiers from the Dark Empire," she confirmed her theory.

"Dark Empire..." the teenager slowly echoed the word and he knew they were somehow connected to his past.

One of the Dark Empire soldiers charged the two, but the teenager lunged forward. He used his own sword to hit the soldier's blade off to the side, stunning him. He then quickly used his left hand to grab the soldier's arm to keep him from attacking. A second later, he thrust the blade downward in the soldier's throat. The teenager pushed the soldier back, sliding his sword out of the soldier throat, and turned around just in time, blocking an attack. The steel between them rattled against each other, but the teenager pushed off, making the soldier step back.

The soldier swiftly lunged forward, thrusting his blade in front of him, but the teenager spun around. The soldier narrowly missed as the teenager appeared behind him. He quickly swung his sword at the soldier's back. Blood sprayed out of the soldier's back, dropping on the ground lifeless and saw that Klaire was taking cover behind a crate. He suddenly bowed forward, as a soldier swung his sword horizontal, moving smoothly couple inches above the teenager's back. The teenager placed both of his hands on the ground the second he bowed. He raised his legs up kicking the soldier in the chin, causing the solider to threw the sword upward, and now appeared to be in a handstand.

He then spun around, still doing the handstand, and brought his leg down, facing the fallen soldier. He saw the soldier getting up, so he lunged forward. The blade was thrust into the soldier's right side, between the neck and shoulder. The teenager stood up, raising his right hand, and caught the sword, which the soldier accidentally threw up when he kicked him. He turned around, kneeing down, using his left sword to block a soldier's attack and used his right sword to thrust in the stomach underneath the ribcage.

The teenager stood up slowly, sliding his weapon out of the soldier's body, and then turning around. Klaire eyes widen and saw that blood was on his clothes and face. She then saw more soldiers rushing towards him, as he now used both of his swords to block and counter. Each attack, he slashed or thrust the blade in vital areas, killing them instantly. Blood squirted out from the soldiers' wounds. Each and every death caused something deep inside of him to stir, and began to waken. A soldier finally stumbled upon Klaire, and was about to attack her, but the teenager saw this and threw the sword from his left hand.

The sword glided perfectly straight through the air and it pierced right through the soldier's wrist, which was holding the sword. The whole hand fell down to the ground, still gripping the weapon, while blood quickly gushed out of the wrist. His eyes widen and he let out a shrilling shriek from the excruciating pain. He walked back, holding his wrist, and collapsed onto the ground from losing too much blood. The teenager now used his free left hand, grabbing the soldiers that were attacking him, and thrusting his sword in them. He now began to smile as each and every soldier died from his hand. Something deep within began to stir and was about to reawaken.

The teenager turned around and threw the sword from his right hand and it soared through the darkness, spinning. The blade entered and punctured the last surviving soldier's forehead, going all the way through. The soldier fell back and the tip of the blade impacted the ground, which kept his body from being completely on the ground. The teenager fell down to his knees, while it began to rain, washing all the blood from his face, and tried to tame the wild fire. Klaire walked around, seeing everybody was dead, and couldn't find any survivors, as the Dark Empire left no one alive.

Klaire then saw the teenager that she loved, kneeling down on the ground, with his head tilted towards the ground. Her eyes widen thinking that he died, and began to cry, until he moved and stood up grabbing his two nodachis. He turned around towards her, showing that he still has that same innocent face, making her smile ever so brightly; like when she first saw him. She ran to him through the large gap between them. She was sad that everybody was dead, filled with grief, but as long he was with her, then he could make it all better.

"Klaire," he whispered her name through the crackling sound of the fire and the pounding of the rain.

She finally reached him in matter of seconds, and was about to place her lips on his, revealing her love for him once and for all. She suddenly stopped, eyes widen, and paused just millimeters from his lips. Her stomach felt like it was burning with undesired feeling. Tears developed in her eyes, realizing without looking down what has happened to her, but she still continued to look in his eyes. His eyes showed the same exact thing when she first saw them, but she was now able to see pass them, knowing full well now.

She closed her eyes, feeling her life was slipping away quickly, and she began to smile. She leaned forward and rested her head on his chest. The beat of her heart gradually slowed down. It was beating once per a second, then every other second. She clutched onto his clothes and he then violently thrust the blade further into her body. Her heart suddenly stopped beating, and slouched lifelessly on his body. The teenager violently pulled out his nodachi from her body, with blood dripping down from the blade. He quickly shoved her off of him, causing her to fly back and collapsing on the ground. He now began laughing to him self, as he walked away from the burning village and into the darkness beyond.

To Be Continue...