Evo, a term people use to categorizes humans with super unnatural powers base on the theory of evolution. Evolutian, a species of humanoids life form that was from a distance planet that came to Earth which triggered the evolution process of Evos. Evolutia is a term to referred people who are descendents of the original Evolutian that can unlock the Gate of Omninite. The Gate of Omninite is the ultimate relic of over and beyond power in which the user has power of the whole universe.

"I am an Evolutia!"

"Yes, don't be afraid that you're an Evolutia. Your destiny is greater than you ever dreamed of."

"Why choose me?"

"You are a descendent of a powerful Evolutia and the time for you to step forth has almost arrived."

"How do I know when the time came?"

"You will know when it is time for you to know."

Chapter 01: Kidnapped

"Good night," a young girl says to me smiling and her eyes close.

I blink my eyes coming out of a daydream and surprising looking at the young girl who is standing in front of me. We are both nine years old but she treats me as a little brother since I get in trouble a lot and never pays attention to her. She has dark black hair down to her skinny shoulder with wide and big innocent eyes that sparkle beauty. Also, she has a cute little mouth that I rarely seen close but I sometimes laugh whenever she smiles or gets angry. She is a little bit shorter than me and has a smaller and fragile body.

"Well?" she asks again trying to get my attention.

I on the other hand have a short black hair that spikes forward and have a nice, caring face, which older females find adorable. I have a pair of sharp narrow eyes adding to my complexion and sometimes my mysteriousness. My mouth is small but I can fit tons of food at the same time and I also use it to talk a lot, which doesn't goes with the meaning of my name. I am rather tall for my age and I also have stronger and denser muscles mass than most guys older than me.

"Kiyo!" she yells, moving her right arm and waves her hand to the left.

The door on my left suddenly opens by itself and slams in my face in one quick second. The girl eyes widen as she quickly uses both of her hands to cup her mouth while the door closes. I appear with head knock back as I sigh softly and expectedly fall backwards, landing on my back. She then suddenly begins laughing loudly as kids are appearing around us and starts laughing with her.

I sit up cross-leg and use my right hand to rub my face, which was stricken with a quick moment of sting. The girl walks to me using her right soft palm to push my forehead back. I steadily get up shaking my head while looking down at the girl who is smiling back at me.

"Good night," I finally reply as she laughs and skips away while I quickly sigh.

I look around seeing the kids are now leaving the hallway. Some are still smiling of what happened while others bust out laughing just by the sight of me. I move to my room down the hallway towards the wooden door at the end. I use my right hand to lightly grab and grip the golden brass handle of the door and twist it open. I lazily move through the open entryway and close the door behind me moving slowly to my small bed. My room is quite small which only consist of a small bed, a window on the west side of the room and a bookshelf on the east side of the room.

I am now lying completely still on the soft feathered comfortable bed with my head sink in the white cushion pillow face down. My breathing is calm as my body finally relaxes from a day's hard work trying to drift in a deep sleep. I am in a hidden school away from sociality in a dark eerie forest with mountains trapping it in. The isolated school teaches us how to adapt and master the supernatural abilities that we were born with. To me, it is like we are in a prison that is keeping "us" in one place for something that is beyond my understanding.

When I said "us" it means that we are different than most humans that are considered "normal". We are called Evos, which are people born with powers based on the theory of evolution. The reasons why people despise "us" are that some of "us" used their power for the wrong purpose like doing stuff that is illegal. The school is set up to keep "us" in one place and in check so we wouldn't use our powers for "evil proposes".

I turn over onto my back lazily keeping my eyes shut, trying to get into a comfortable position. Bang! My eyes forcefully open wide with fear and curiosity of what causes the loud bang. Bang! My eyes twitch at the sound of the bang as I then cautiously tilt my head to the right seeing the big window. Bang! I look closely seeing tree branches hitting the window by the powerful wind from a storm that just hit the school recently. My ear now focus at the window hearing the rain being pour down like all the ocean is release here at the same time.

I quietly and quickly appear standing in front of the window looking out the spotted glass and seeing the foggy world outside. I turn around yawning, feeling tired since we did intense training today that put a lot stress on my body and it is just begging to sleep for eternality. I lazily take several slow steps that softly drag on the ground. Bang! The ground shakes as it forces me to drive forward and land on the ground but I stand up on my feet extremely confuse of what just happened.

I slowly walk toward the window out of curiosity because the loud noise came from outside beyond the window. I cup my hands on the window as I try to look outside and barely seen an object with a smoky tail heading towards me. My eyes narrow as I jump back landing in the center of the room while the west wall explodes direclty in front me.

I duck my head down and cover my upper body using both arms as the force blows me back hitting the opposite wall. I fall down from crashing into the wall and slides to the ground as I am getting cover by large pieces of wood. Fire begins to spread in the room eating the wood like super termites. I am lucky to still be conscious but feel dizzy while my mind is somewhere in the distant space. Several long seconds later, I finally shake my head to get back in reality.

I use most of my strength to slide the huge pieces of wood off of me. Once I flip the last wood of me it reveals several woods sticking out of my body with bloody trails going down my body. I grab one of them with my small hands and I close my eyes tightly pulling it out while I yell in pain. After I pull the last one out of my body, I just lie there between conscious and unconscious.

The fire already spread throughout the room getting closer to me as the temperature is skyrocketing at each passing intervals. I push my back against the wall and slowly try to stand up with my legs shaking and my body sweating by the heat. I look around seeing the area around the hole is still on fire but I am able to dive through and jump out to safety. I look ahead of me seeing the raging fires and am just about to go but a scream suddenly broke out from within the facility.

"Damn, there are people still in here," I quickly whisper, painfully limping toward the door without worrying about my own safety.

I grab the handle slowly twisting it counterclockwise and then lean my weight onto the door to open it. The door swings outward roughly and hits the wall behind in the hallway as I try to keep balance. I take in several deep breaths and slowly step away from the door continuing down the hallway. I can barely hear the screams of help from the people who are trap in their rooms.

Several meters away from my room, the door on the right abruptly burst open with flames escaping into the hallway wildly. Immediately after the door opens, a human fireball dashes out of the room screaming at the top of its lungs. The flaming child runs around, then goes down the hallway and accidentally runs into the wall causing it to collapse backwards. The child doesn't get up after it is knocked down and the fire begins eating its already burned corpse. BANG! The room behind me explodes and sends me across the hallway landing close to the burning corpse with my back smoking.

"Help!" a soft faint voice yells through the raging flames

"Kumi!" I yell back coughing by the smoke and barely stand up with cuts on my back by the pieces of wood hitting my back.

I hastily move through multiple hallways, limping, to get to the female side of the dorm rooms. During the way, my eyes begin to lose sight from the lost of blood and sometimes stagger as I begin to use the walls to keep me balance. I finally reach the door to Kumi's room reaching for the handle but once I tough it, it burns my hand which I snap my hand back.

I stand back thinking that no matter what, I have to save her even if I have to do the impossible. I narrow my eyes using my left hand to grab the handle, twisting it the instant I grab it and use my body to ram the door open. The door violently opens all the way colliding with the wall as I lose balance and roll through the flames in the room. I roll into the wall, stopping me in a suddenly halt with my head spinning in a daze. I shake my head a little as I notice that my sleeve got caught on fire and I hastily put it out.

I look around the blazing room seeing Kumi on the floor passed out from breathing in too much smoke into her lungs. I crawl to her despite the injuries all over my body creating a trail of blood to her. Once I reach her, I pick her up and hold her close against my body to protect her no matter what. I stare at the door seeing fire raging and it's quickly spreading throughout out the room.

I look up giving up hope but see an open window above me with blowing in wind and making the fire to spread quicker. I pick up Kumi as I try to stand up and walk away several feet turning towards the window. I kneel down feeling tired and weak as most of my blood is not in my body anymore. I stand up with my legs shaking from exhaustion and I then sprint towards the window diving through. I free fall two stories down while I spin through the air to land on the ground with my back with Kumi on top of me safe.

In a few seconds, she wakes up moving to the side to sit up noticing that I am unconscious and we're outside of the burning school. She shakes me violently to wake me up which I crack my left eye out of irritation seeing tears coming down from her eyes. She helps me to stand up as we suddenly hear screaming back inside the school. I look up at one of the second story windows spotting two children banging against the glass.

While I try to figure out how to save them, the wall explodes in front of us sending chunks of rock toward us but it created an opening. I begin to run to the hole but Kumi grabs my left arm afraid that I might never come back. I turn to her with my eyes lock with hers smiling as I then rub her cheek to make her believe that I'll return. I turn around running toward the hole but suddenly the whole building explodes and blows me back by the force while it just knock Kumi down.

I immediately stand up seeing the flaming ruin of what used to be a two story mansion that I spent most of my life in. Kumi runs pass me not believing what she seeing until she turns around and runs to me pressing her young body against me, sobbing. With my eyes gazing at the ruins, I put my arms around her as tears are forming in my eyes also. We stand there for what seems like an hour but were only minutes, trap between dream and reality. Several dark figures appear in the distance and are walking to us in a fancy black suit with dark sunglasses.

"That's the Evolutia, get her," the tall one commands, pointing at us.

Two of the five walks up to us and one of them hit me to the ground with Kumi falling with me. As I get knock down flat on my back almost blacking out, they grab her and I can't do anything about it. She begins screaming for help, especially for me, and begins struggling by kicking. They stab her with a needle and inject her with it that instantly knocks her completely.

As the pain resides, I get up to my feet seeing them leaving with Kumi over one of their shoulder. I use my sleeve to wipe the blood coming down from my mouth and then runs toward them lifting my right arm up to strike. The tall one turns around as he suddenly punches me in the stomach and unleashes a little bit of energy that sends shockwaves through the ground. The impact knocks me back through the air like a bullet and land on the ground sliding to a stop. I grab my stomach with my right hand while I stand up coughing up blood.

I straighten up letting go of my stomach and then run toward him once again but the one who punched me pulls out a gun. My eyes widen seeing the gun as he unhesitant pulls the trigger while he quickly aims it at me which nothing matters anymore as I stare down the barrel. BANG! I stop in my track as the force of the bullet pierces all the way through my right chest and I collapse forward onto my knees. I begin to fall forward as then another group of people appears from behind me and they start exchanging bullets at each other.

A bullet pierces through one of the people who have the girl and causes him to fall down with the girl. More bullets are being fired as the second group of people passes me heading towards the girl and grab her. Once they have the girl, they retreat back to where they came from disappearing from sight. I lie there half dead and half alive with a bullet hole in my chest causing more blood to come out of my body.

The first group of people, who first took the girl, walks towards me and gather around my dying corpse. They discuss something among themselves for a while but I couldn't hear anything except my fading heartbeat. The tall one finally bends down and grabs my collar to lift me up, which soon after I blacken out.


-Year 4004-Tokyo, Japan-Age of Evolutian-

It is the year and age where life is built around technology. Technology is essential to every single person's daily life, which is run by computers artificial intelligence, AI. For most, it made life easier to live in, but it also takes valuable skills that people use to specialize in, which has now considered lost arts.

With computers running the city, there are only few human jobs, which most people in high standards can have. With that said, the most common jobs are maintenance, which are always open to low and middle classes. The most popular jobs are entertainment, shop keeping, and law enforcement, which are only open towards the middle high and high class.

But—majority of the people in the low and middle class turn to the life of crime. As a result, the crime rates skyrocket through the charts and the employment of Law Enforcements also increase dramatically The most ruthless crime organization ever exists is the Nexius Legion; consisting of the top crime lords in the galaxy. The Nexius Legion also has small branches that do their dirty work and one that is well known is the notorious Dark Raiders, which their headquarters station on Moonjestic; the moon's capital.

Even though most people go to the life of crime, those who have talent people turn to the more realistic jobs like entertainment; from dancing, acting, and singing, which are only open to high class. Out of the three, the most popular job even by spectators is singing, due to the fact that no computer AIs can take over the soul of the voice. The most famous female singer on Earth and most likely the entire galaxy excels at dancing and acting also.

The famous singer is the young, multitalented, and beautiful Kumiko, the youngest female teen pop idol of the galaxy. Even though her past is a mystery, she grew up to have the most talented voice that a human can ever create. She travels all over the Earth, the Moon, the space stations and other human civilization on different planets to do concerts and other special events.

Her upcoming concert of the New Year is now in Tokyo Japan, her home, to premiere her newest songs on her next virtual album. Literally millions of people from all over the galaxy are gathering at the largest stadium known as Senjiko Stadium, where the concert is being held. This is the biggest event that everybody doesn't want to miss or skip out on.

On the other hand, I am part of the Dark Raiders and my mission is to kidnap her.

I abruptly fling my body up from the bed with my right arm stretching out for something. I then begin blinking my eyes, bringing my right arm back, and using it to rub the sweat off of my forehead. I then use both of my hands to rub my black hair towards the bike as it then spikes back forward like I didn't do anything. I finally swing the blankets off of me, swinging my legs to the side and getting onto the floor to sit at the edge of the bed.

I stand up barefoot, looking around in my small apartment, which supposedly my current safe haven that is located on Earth in Tokyo. Without pressure, the bed slowly moves back into the wall, where it will be at until I want to go back to sleep and need it. In reaching distance is a button, which I instantly press and it actives a system through the room. The blinds on the whole entire south wall facing outside, move up and let in the mourning sunlight as the television built in the wall turns on.

Ring! Ring!

The blank screen on the west wall turns on, with a digital phone going back and forth making a duel ringing sounds.

"Receive call," I slowly call out in a distinct, low, calm voice, walking towards the bathroom; directly in front of the screen, but off by several inches.

"Good morning Kiyoshi-kun!" an innocent looking female yells out in a semi happy tone. She has long red wavy hair and big eyeglasses over her green eyes.

"…" I ignore her greetings, as I am in the bathroom, with the water running in the sink and staring in the mirror.

"This is just a reminder of the mission you just received couple days ago that today is the day it needs to get done."

"Tell me something I don't know," I irritably call out, coming out of the bathroom and heading towards the closet right next to the screen.

"All right mister meanie," she cries out shock, stuns and then blushes embarrassingly. She breathes in and out slowly to gain control and says, "You are to capture her and bring her back here until further notice."

"Here?" I whisper in surprise, while putting on my clothes.

"Yes?" she questions it with more shock than me.

"Babysitting was not my intentions before taking on this assignment and if this gets me what I deserved then I'll be hearing from you later," I finally reply, getting out of the closet.

I appear wearing a black jumpsuit, all-purpose shoes, baggy pants, a white vest, and a black sleeveless trench coat over the clothes. I slowly put on my dark-tinted sunglasses and then finally put my gun, which an extendable blade attached to it, in the holster behind my back underneath the trench coat.

"This is a kidnap mission so you aren't going to start a mini-war with the security guards that are patrolling there," she says, worrying.

"Don't worry Kimi-chan. They won't even know that I was there…End Call."

-Nexius Legion Headquarters-

"Are you sure that is the same girl from the failed mission ten years ago?" the leader of the Nexius Legion commands in the darkness.

"Yes, she is. As we speak, we are sending one of ours to kidnap her and this time we won't fail," a man replies, standing in a spotlight.

"You better not fail me again Nanashi-san!"

"Don't worry sir, the gate will be ours."

-Senjiko Stadium-

"30 minutes until you are up Kumiko-joshi," Kumiko's manager calls out from behind the door.

"Okay," Kumiko replies in her dressing room, sitting down on the chair and starring at the mirror in front of her.

"Are you sure you are okay Kumiko?" a female asks, sitting on the couch at the opposite end of the room.

"Thank you for being such a good friend Naomi for just being here with me, but I am okay like I said earlier," Kumiko answers, turning around, and smiling at Naomi.

"If you say so, I believe you," Naomi says back, moving her dyed purple hair stands back behind her ears.

"Don't say that! You make it sound like am hiding something," Kumiko giggles.

"If you having that kind of thinking then something must be up," Naomi sinisterly smiles back.

"All right, today just doesn't feel right. It feels like something is going to happen and it is going to happen soon."

"I know what is going to happen."

"You do?" Kumiko asks standing up.

"Less than 30 minutes, you are going to sing and dance in front of so many people that the concerts you did already seem like kiddy shows. You are just a little nervous that's all."

"You must be right," Kumiko sighs and plops down on the couch besides her friend.

"Kumiko-chan, do you need anything?" a loud male voice shouts from behind the door.

"No thank you Ronin-kun, but then again, I must be lucky to have you as a bodyguard," Kumiko responds cheerfully.

"It's not a problem at all Kumiko-chan, I will always be happy to serve under you. You have no idea how many people will try to do stuff to celebrities like yourself."

"Yeah I know, but I never have to worry because I got you to protect me," Kumiko yells out flirtously.

"Uh…I gotta go and patrol the area," Ronin voice calls out, getting distant.

"I so wanted to see his face when you said that to him. He must been blushing so hard that his face was all red," Naomi giggles.

"Well…it's not my fault that I am young, talented, and beautiful," Kumiko replies.

"You should get going now if you don't want to be late to your own concert."

"I am never late to my own concert," Kumiko says, getting up from her seat and walking towards the door.

"Give them the best show they ever seen!" Naomi shouts out, heading out also and going to V.I.P area.

"Don't worry, I got few surprises."

Kumiko walks out from her dressing room and heads down the hallway to the backstage entrance. I appear waiting on the catwalk right above her and making sure that no one is still around. I jump over the railing, landing several stories below without making a noise, but she stops, and turns around looking. Her eyes scan the area in precaution and then turn back around, spotting me standing several meters in front of her.

"Who are you and what do you want?" she commands at me, which I arch an eyebrow.

"I'm here to kidnap you," I reply the most straightforward answer I can give, and I doubt anybody can give a straighter answer.

"Kidnap me? Why do you want to kidnap me?" she commands again in shock.

"It is none of your concern," I shrug, "Can we just leave? I got other things to do."

"What makes you think that I am going to miss my concert?"

"We can do this the hard way or the easy way, but if you ask me, I kind of prefer the easy way if you don't mind."

"Are you serious? The hard way sounds way better!"

Kumiko surprisingly runs toward me, arching her right arm back, with a close fist to strike me down. She swings her right arm in a hook towards my face, but I raise my left hand index finger and her fist collides into my finger. She looks at her fist touching my finger in a disarray expression, as she then immediately narrow her eyes and swings her life leg. I duck while her leg passes overhead making her spin, but once her back is toward me, she does a sudden back kick. I bend my legs and lean backwards, as I fall on the ground flat, and her leg barely misses me.

She spins around as I try to get but catches me on the ground and does a quick axe kick, with her heel aiming between my legs. I roll to the sides, as she hits the ground and I am finally able to get on my feet, but she suddenly appears in front of me, throwing punches. I move around, trying to dodge and evade her attacks by sidestepping, ducking and other forms to evade an attack. She then does a quick spin, counterclockwise, using her right leg to launch a forceful roundhouse kick, but I duck again. She continues to spin and she bends down doing a low sweep kick that hits my leg, making me fall down onto my back.

She gets back up and does another drop axe kick, but this time, I catch her foot and then push her back. I roll back on my upper back and then use the momentum to jump back onto my feet, seeing her also getting back on her feet. She gets down in a stance, indicating that she knows how to fight and is not afraid to go all out. I look around and then back to her raising my right hand, moving my fingers back and forth provoking her to come. She does a quick battle cry, while heading towards me, which causes me raise an eyebrow, and she then begins swinging her fists at me also adding kicks to her combo. I dodge most of her attacks but sometimes block the ones that I find impressive to almost hit me.

I then suddenly catch her right fist with my left hand, and then catch her left fist using my right hand, now walking around in circles. My mind abruptly went blank as I look up seeing somebody coming down at us, so I push her out of the way and stumble back. He lands on the ground, where we were at, with him kneeling down and my sunglasses are on the ground, broken, he stands up taking off his Universal Police jacket and then throws it to the side, standing in front of Kumiko. He narrows his eyes under the blue hair that comes down partially covering his eyes.

"The name is Ronin, a Universal Police and Kumiko-chan's bodyguard. If you want her then you have to get pass me," Ronin calls out pointing to me.

"I don't have time for this," I murmur.

"You better make time if you think you can get away with this!" Ronin yells out, getting in a stance

"Damn goodie, goodie," I whisper and gets down in a stance.

I quickly move my right arm underneath my trench coat, and pull out my weapon from its holster. I then bring it out, aiming it out Ronin, who isn't surprise that I have this kind of weapon on me. He quickly smirks as he runs to me in a zigzag pattern, so I won't be able to get a good shot out of him. Once he reaches me, he jumps up in the air doing a spinning roundhouse kick, using his right leg to hit the weapon out of my hand. He continues to spin the air, now doing a back thrust kick that hits me in the chest, and causes me to get knock back onto the ground, sliding to a stop.

"Shit, an Evo," I quietly say to myself spitting some traces of blood onto the ground.

I take my time to stand up as he runs up to me and does a low jump kick towards my face. I bend my body back, while I am on my knees with him barely flying pass me as his legs stretch out almost hitting me. Right after he passes me, I let myself fall onto the ground, bring my legs out and roll back, kicking Ronin in the back. He forcefully crashes forward onto the ground roughly as I use the momentum to flip myself onto my stomach. I use my arms to lift myself up as Ronin does some weird break-dance move and jumps back onto his feet.

"Impressive maneuver to able to dodge and counter like that close to the ground," Ronin says impress.

"You're not bad yourself," I murmur, not paying attention.

"I'm just getting warm up," Ronin replies, getting into a stance

We both charge each other, while I clutch my right hand and swing a right hook toward Ronin. Ronin narrow his eyes, looking at my fist, as he quickly moves and dodges my attack. Right after he dodges, he uses his left hand to launch a swift jab in my stomach, which the excessive force exiting my body from behind. Ronin then clutch his right hand as it glows white from energy build up and swings it toward my face. The fist impacts my face causing a burst of light which the force also blows me back and land on my back rolling to a stop.

"That really hurts," I admit, standing up.

"You're not leaving here with Kumiko," Ronin barks, getting into a stance.

"I will complete my mission," I shrug.

Ronin charges me with inhuman speed that he looks like a speeding blur, passing by things within seconds. Once he reaches me, he begins punching at my stomach rapidly and then finishes off with a strong right hook to my face. The force of the attack sends me back, sliding several yards onto the ground and slow down to a stop, almost losing balance. Once I get my balance, he appears running to me and his body begins to give off a whit aura, emitting from his body like flames.

He does a quick jump and follows up with a double front snap kick, doing the right then left. While Ronin does the kick, I move quickly to the left dodging the kicks, and jump up doing down a forceful side roundhouse kick to his stomach. His body aches as my leg collides into his body. I continue to use the momentum of my kick and propel him down towards the ground. Ronin rockets toward the ground and collides against it, causing a quake and minor cracks.

I walk backwards, watching Ronin struggle to get up, and after a while, I then turn around walking towards Kumiko. Once I reach her, she does a quick right jab to my face, but I quickly use my left hand to grab her wrist, while her fist almost touching my face. Ronin finally manages to stand up with his white aura still radiating around his body. He focuses his aura into his right hand, and within seconds, his hand is the only part of his body giving off an aura.

Ronin tightens his right fist so it begins to sweat heavily between his fingers by the heat of his aura. He launches his right foot forward off the ground and follows up with his left. He begins running faster than before, making everything around him to stop in time and passing them like he has vanished on the spot. He swings his right first towards the back of my head, but somebody unexpectedly drops down between Ronin and me. He stands up straight and quickly swings his right first, which instantly glows white and directs it towards the path of Ronin's fist.

The two energy fists immediately impact and cause an extremely bright flash that blinds Kumiko, while my back towards it. I use this opportunity to hit Kumiko and knock her unconscious. I catch her in my arms before she collapse onto the ground. I jump up onto the catwalk, while the two stands still, with their right first still touching. The new mysterious guy smirks, and causes another quick flash with his fist. Once the flash fades away, Ronin is left there alone and the guy seems to be gone also. He looks around trying to find Kumiko but to no avail

"Damn, this can't be happening!" Ronin yells out loud, exiting the area.

To Be Continued…