Chapter 01: Angel of Darkness

A lone dark figure is up on a skyscraper roof, standing close to the edge like he is about to jump. His crimson color hair freely moves, as the wind blows against it. His faded grey eyes stare down the ledge and watch the living city. He wears a midnight black trench coat that is opened, while it randomly moves against his body by the strong gusts of wind. Underneath the trench coat is a deep, bloody, red color shirt with plain black slacks and also a regular pair of plain black shoes. His hands are tucked in his trench coat pockets, while he observes the busy night streets of the city, watching them move about.

Behind him, sticking out of his trench coat is a pair of two large feathery black wings that extends a few yards. They are stretch out motionless even with the strong gusts of wind blowing against it, only making the feathers flutter in place. His cold, desolate, faded eyes continue to stare aimlessly at the mere humans thinking how fragile their life is. An unusual nighttime breeze finally faze his statue like face, causing his eyes to slightly stir, and then looks upward seeing the cloudless black sky. Not even the stars or the moon is visible tonight, like even the fabric of time and space knows something is amiss.

His eyes slowly move downward towards the busy streets and continue his constant barren gaze on the mortal inhabitants. His eyes search through these so-called creatures and he is able to feel their emotions of suffering, grief, miseries, and also the desire of death. How long he wants to give each and everyone what they truly desire and that is the complete extinction of their dull existence. Take each of their souls in his cold hands, whist them far away and never return to their same day-by-day life. He doesn't quite understand the determination he finds in some which is the will to keep on living except knowing only one word; the word love.

This lonely dark figure never recalls a time in his existence that he felt within himself any type of emotions especially love. He does not understand nor does he want to understand it, but it always strikes his curiosity that he has to know or needs to know. That one emotion is the only thing that makes him think of humans less primitive and much more interesting than any other species. He can also see that this one emotion can also cause eternal bliss or eternal agony in just a moment's time, instantly. Even his empty shell of an existence, he still questions everything about life; similar to the everyday questions people ask.

The wind stops and a mist like aura envelope the crimson color hair stranger like it is whispering to him in the most inaudible voice. He slowly close his eyes, creating a projector type image behind his eyelids and views a male human in an emotion he knows far too well. The male seems to be suffering some type of sorrow, misery, pain, and regret that has just recently occurred. It also seems that it is the aftermath from the emotion of love when the two are what human's called– breaking up. He knows this feeling so well that sometimes he thinks that he had gone through it, but it's what happens next that he knows all too well. He opens his eyes starring blankly in front of him, thinking about the human.

The black-feathered wings finally begin to stir and move to the side so the wings are now aligned with the side of his body horizontally. This simple emotion that he does not understand can cause either one or both person eternal bliss and also eternal agony in a mere instant. For what he does not completely understand and has questioned it numerous times, is why do they give it that much power? If it can cause the uprising and downfall to anything and everything around it, why do people still treasure the word? The one thing that always and will forever haunt him, is the thought if he is capable of accessing that emotion in which humans are so fond of.

His eyes still continue to linger on the view of human sociality, watching them intensively and seeing how they would never know anything outside of their lives. Even from his cruel prospective on human beings, he sometimes wonders if it is a gift to exist and be free from one's true surroundings. To go on with their daily lives never knowing that things they call make-believed or fairy tales really do exists, and walk among them. In his mind, he finds it striking funny that these creatures that want to know everything but, alas, the truth to be told– they know nothing. And when they find something that they do not understand and doesn't know what it is, they will seek it out and try to destroy it.

The human mind is so easily to be startle by the simplest sound, let alone the fear of not understanding of what is going to happen to them. They only react to instincts on what they do not understand, and their reaction is the outcome of pure ignorance. Why these creatures are the dominant species when the slightest sound causes them to react in fear instead of dominance? One of the countless reasons why he looks at the humans very lowly and also in annoyance, reminding him self of what they truly are. Even with all the knowledge of what makes human beings so fascinate, he still weighs the countless cons over the countless pros.

What really makes human fascinating? That question is the one thing that he has dreaded a very long time while his icy, cold stare still observes them. No matter how much he tries to get away from the question, he will always return about their emotions and how it affects them. For example, the male he was observing was highly emotional declined and that the emotion he was feeling makes him desire death. For whatever reasons, this person feels that everything is now lost, and that the only solution to his problem is through one's sacrifice. The wind suddenly stops again and the mist shrouds him, interrupting his thoughts, knowing that the time to do his assign task is coming closer.


"Very well"

His black-feather wings slowly arch up, going high above his head and prepare to take flight, creating a surreal look. His knees slightly bend and he pushes off the ledge, cutting through the air like a hot knife cutting through butter. At the peak of his jump, his wings flap downward in a blur, shooting him higher in the air and goes faster than the human eye can see. He makes his way through the darkness of the night, beating his wings rhythmically and steadily heads towards his destination. In a short time, he makes his way across the city and lands on the railings of a balcony to an apartment of which he seeks.

"Why is this happening to me?" a voice shouted from within.

The male he viewed earlier through the mind's eye is traversing around his small apartment and is feeling such pain in his heart. His black soft hair flows down his head almost covering his eyes, with strands of it sticking to his sweaty forehead. He can see the dense green eyes of an empty shell that once been able to sparkle even in the darkness of nights. This creature is suffering from deep sorrow and regrets that he is unable to cope with his emotional state and has desires to end his pitiful life. The wing figure can easily see all the material possession that the human own are knocked onto the floor and that the fragile ones are shattered.

"Without her, I lost everything. Why did she leave me?" the male human weeps.

This human that the wing figure is observing was once a successful writer and is very popular among the ladies. His life was absolute perfect and flawless one can say; living the life of his dreams, and also with the one he loves the most. It is because of his beloved that he continues to prosper without fail and he believes that without her than he will lose the inspirations and motivation to continue. It seems to the dark wing angel that she has left this male human after taking a secure place within his heart. What causes her to leave him wasn't clear to the angel but the results of her leaving have taken a great toll on this human. The wing creature hops off of the railings and moves his right hand to the side, opening the slide door as he walks inside the apartment.

"Who's there?" the male calls out toward the opened door.

"Your fate," the angel responds, invisible to living mortal eyes.

"What do you want?" the male calls out again to nothingness.

"I am here because of what you desire," the angel coldly replies.

"Are you telling me that you're the grim reaper himself?" the male mumbles sarcastically.

"No, more like the Angel of Death," the angel speaks coldly still, not surprise of the male's disbelief.

"You must be here to take my soul," the male murmurs and walks toward the fridge, taking out an alcoholic beverage.

"Keep drinking that then I might be," the angel ironically replies.

"It doesn't matter any more I lost the person I once loved, and with it, I lost the one true desire to live."

"End your life even when you are a successful writer? Why do you let one person control the fate of your life?"

"So the Angel of Death himself doesn't know these things."

"I was solely created to take the souls of those that passed away."

"It's pretty much obvious that I am going to kill myself, isn't it?"

"We knew this day would come ever since you were born."

"So this relationship was a failure from the start, how fucked up was that."

"I wouldn't call it a failure. You the only one that thinks it is."

"What are you fucking talking about you damn bird. She broke up with me because she said her feelings had change and doesn't have feelings for me anymore."

"Are you sure that is what she said?"

"Yes, I'm positive, would I be acting like this if it was something else?"

"I clearly remember what she said and I doubt she said what you thought."

"Then care to show me what she is thinking right now then?"

"Is that your last wish before I take you?'

"Sure, why not, it's not like it will change my mind."

"So beat it."

The angel projects an image in thin air and the male sees his beloved sitting down, "I really love him, so why did I let him go? I thought it was better for us if we went our own ways but I think about him all the time now. I kept asking myself if I should give up, but I never found an answer. I love him so much so tomorrow I gotta see him or I will never sleep again."

"What the fuck was that?"

"You wanted me to show you what she was thinking at the moment and that was she thought as of the time I projected the mental link."

"I can't believe she still loves me, I have to go see her now."

"You remember what I came here before?"

"Yeah, whatever, you can go back to where you came from. After seeing that, I don't think I want to kill myself now."

"If that is what you think then by all means—go to her."

"I will!"

To Be Continued…