FALL 2006

"You want to know me?"

A bullet pierces all the way through the skull, denting the wall behind it.

"Really want to know who I am?"

A powerful force dislocates a bone from the socket and then the whole bone shatters.

"I bet you want to know what I do."

A sword slices through the flesh, including the bone, as the body part falls to the ground.

"But let me tell you something."

Another bullet penetrates all the way through, going through the lungs, and exiting from the back.

"Let me tell you just one thing."

A fierce force impacts the chest, breaking the ribs and then they immediately shatter into tiny pieces

"Once you do find out who I am…"

Several bullets puncture the ankles, wrists and then another bullet pierces through the throat.

"And once I found out that you know who I am…"

Six bodies collapse onto the ground, dead before they touch the floor, as one lone figure stands.

"Then I hunt you down and kill you."

The lone figure spins the gun in his left hand and then turns around swinging his sword.

"For I am the Grim Reaper and your time is up."



"Let's Rock!"

Your time is up…

"Our story begins in the not so distant future, where the outcome of the past hits the cities like someone slapping a bitch. Its low, it's dirty and damn right entertaining, plus, it makes you feel good afterwards. But for one thing, it's not low, it gets dirty every once in a while, it's not entertaining, and it doesn't make you feel good. The crime rate increased in the last several decades, and if that sounds surprising, then get out of your fucking house and live once in a while. Because you are living in a damn fucking fantasy if you think that your future will be crimeless. I don't give a fuck who you are or where you were born. Your future will be the same as everyone else, fucked up.

"Am I getting ahead of myself and making you confuse? Of course I am dipshit, that's my job and I'm fucking good at it. You one of those crazy sons of bitches that don't know shit these days. You think you so cool with the shit you have, but you have no fucking idea what's happening in your own fucking backyard. There is a fucking war going on right now with our own fucking selves. Our own fucking country has become a battlefield and neighbors are going against each other. The fucking terrorists from different countries must be saying 'Hey everyone, why waste our nukes on them when they can do it themselves' damn those fuckers.

"Like the saying before goes, its either kill or be killed. Nobody these days give a fuck if you are a pussy-ass guy, a totally fucking hot babe, or an annoying crying little baby bitch. If you not prepared you are either dead, or somebody struck with a disease that makes you blind, deaf, and dumb. For those who are prepared, well lucky for you, because I have a bet going on. A bet to see how long you are going to survive and believe me when I say that you are not going to live long, so I win all the time. And for those who do live long, like my self, makes a living on death, killing, and people miseries. Does it sound awful, terrible, and sick to your stomach? I don't fucking care, people these days has to make a living and we do what opportunities bring us.

"We are often called Vigilantes, Mercenaries, Outlaws and sometimes Murderers but we only go under one name and that's the Battle Reaper. Who are the Battle Reapers your clueless little fucked up brain might be thinking? Reapers are everything I just said earlier and so much fucking more, but we make our own hits and we execute our missions in any fucking style we want. Like the saying of the Reapers goes: the bloodier the better. We are not nice, we are not caring and we are definitely not merciful. We are the coldest of the cold and the best of the best from the elites. If you ever cross them then you are more then lightly that you wouldn't live see another day of your fucked up life. Not all have super strength, super powers, or born out of an experiment—most are just people making our living but beware of those who are.

"There are only few sons of bitches Reapers that are well-known and should be avoided at all cost. They are so fucking good that they even have their own bounty but nobody is fucking stupid enough to actually take them down. Let me tell you them just in case you ever see them on the streets when you're alone or somewhere in public.

"Shin Fujiwara, a Japanese fellow, stands about five-feet and eight-inches, tall for a Japanese but still short by my standards. Has long, spiky, black hair, which is like—so fucking common for those Asians, and wears a typical Japanese school uniform that went out of style decades ago. Little on the slim side, and could hardly tell he has any muscles, but he's a strong little bastard nevertheless, and can break bricks like they were nothing. He carries the basic equipment like all other Reapers, a sword and a gun; a katana and a duel barrel pistol. He is seventeen years of age, but don't let his age fool you; he is a cold-hearted little bastard and he never lets a prey get away. His tactics aren't one of the most brutal of the Battle Reapers, but he is what he is, and what he does is always effective.

"Next is Caine Highwind, the second best Reapers by successful missions and also by how many he killed. He's a white American dude that stands about six-feet and two-inches; a tall motherfucker but still a fast fuck for his height. He is a blonde hair and blue eyes motherfucker, a genetic motherfucker that is like all others blue eyes and blonde hair freaks. A smooth talker and real ladies man by nature, able to get any lady in his palms and is able to do what he wants with them, somebody I call a lucky motherfucker. Just like all Battle Reapers, he carries a sword and a gun—a giant two-handed broadsword and a quad-barrel, full-action shotgun with rapid fire. At twenty-one of age, he is the best at what he does and he is considered one the strongest Reapers by strength, muscles and endurance. Isn't cold-blooded like most other Battle Reapers, but get on his bad side, he'll kill you in a split second without giving it a thought.

"There is one more whose is the best of the bests, the ace of the aces, and the elite of the elites. A real bad ass if you ask me, but before we get to him, there is another I must tell. Deadly as she is beautiful, small as she is strong, fragile as she is swift and she is known as Reina Isano. She's Japanese, stands five-feet two-inches, but she has all the curves and her assets are bigger and better than any bitch I seen. She has raven-black hair that flows down her back, and wears one of the sexiest skintight jumpsuit that really shows her top and bottom; if you get what I'm saying. Has a real fucked up past, during the early years her parents tried killing for some unknown reasons and she had no choice but to defend her self. Ended up killing them, enjoying it and decided to become a Reaper. She is equipped with chained sickles and two duel-barrel rapid-fire pistols. A cold-hearted bitch that only warms up to only one person and would do anything to be with him.

"I saved the last for the best and the only reason why I'm doing him last because something happens when somebody talks about him. He lives mysteriously and keeps his past hidden. I do not know his ethnicity, so he could be anything. Stands only five-feet eleven-inches, and his body is perfectly fit. He has normal size muscles making him look like an ordinary person, but they are highly dense, and his strength is unrivaled. He is usually seen wearing casual shoes, pants, and shirt, which are all black, and wears a long unique red vest coat. His tactics aren't what I considered a quiet approach or stealth like. He is more of a dramatic type of a person and executes his assignment with a loud bang. Isn't cold-hearted by nature like the others and can be a friendly person, but he loves his job and would do anything to complete it. There is only one reason why I like about him and that is because of his style.

"He is the only one that overkills his opponent. Just like any other Reapers, he carries a bladed weapon and a projectile weapon, but like I said he isn't the type of person who will only carry one of each. He carries a specially crafted projectile weapon in which I never seen before and fires more bullets than a gatling gun or mini-gun. Each hand holds a smaller version of an assault rifle with duel barrels and as a side arm attachment, which is a different design duel-barrel assault rifle that is lined up against his arm. Once he pulls the trigger of the assault rifle in his hands, all four barrels will fire simultaneously. With a total of eight barrels, this badass motherfucker can easily take down a whole room filled with motherfuckers and most likely take down a small army. More firepower somebody has, the louder the bang, right? He also has two double-sided edge nodachi that he uses but not as much as his duel scorpion assault rifles.

"There you have it you lazy sons of bitches, three badass bastards and a badass bitch. I am not telling you this shit for my fucking entertainment but call it an advice or guidance to this fucked up word. If you ever do see one of these motherfuckers then you are better off dead. Sure these people may sound so cool and shit like that, but trust me, its better if you lived your life without knowing about them. They will kill anything and anybody that they want so if I was you, I better watch out. I wouldn't give you a rat's ass if you come up to me and tell me that you saw one of them and you still living. I will only say one thing to you and that is…"


"Oh shit, I knew this will fucking happen."


"But I don't give a fuck, I told you what I wanted to say."


"Good luck in this fucked up world."


"There is another thing I want to say."


"The one that is considered the best of the best."


"His name…if you ever hear his name. Even once."


"You are bound to die"


"But there is a slim chance you won't."


"Will you risk it?"


"And so…his name is Axel."

"Time is up."

A sword with a chain attach to it crashes through the window and the blade pierces all the way through the wall, on the other side of the room. A dark hair figure jumps through the air and lands on the window ledge, lightly kicking the pieces of the broken glass. He steps off the ledge and lands on the floor inside the room. He stares at the mysterious shadow in the dark as single light only lights him up. He wears an all black outfit but has a long red vest that the front connectors are clicked in place. The other end of the chain that is attached to the sword is wrap around his right wrist. Without a moment hesitation, he throws the sword he was holding in his left and it also pierces through the wall.

The mysterious person in the shadow looks at the dark hair figure and smiles, as he is between the two-chained swords. The dark hair figure suddenly jumps back, goes out of the window and pulls the chain back with him. The wall that the swords are stuck in suddenly cracks and collapses forward onto the mysterious person in the shadows. The wall crashes through the floor with the person underneath and wall continues to crash through the multi-floor building, till it stops in the basement. A small round object is toss in the window and it rolls down into the hole and lands in the basement. The dark hair figure stands on a building across the street as he hears a sudden loud bang that echoes through the night.

Fire erupts from the basement of the building and spreads upward through the floors from the hole. The explosion also shakes the building as the fire burst out of the windows. Soon the building begins to collapse on itself and everything begins to fall apart. Dust and debris contaminate the air below as the collapsing building blows every loose particles into the air. When the building disappears in the smoke screen, the dark hair figure turns around and walks away into the night. He smirks, as there is another loud bang and another explosion discharges from the smoke screen and fills the air causing other buildings near it to collapse. After the whole block collapse, nothing happens; no sirens, no people, not a single thing because this was just another day in the Battlezone.

So…are you ready for it?