FALL 2006

"They were given the ultimate power"
"By doing the ultimate sin"

"They killed my family"
"By their own greed"

"Five were reborn with powers"
"And I lost everything"

"But they ignored one thing."
"One thing that will end their lives."

"Since I lost everything."
"I'll be reborn from their sins."

"They were my friends."
"Now my enemies."

"They will not get away."
"They must pay for their crimes."

"They had taken everything from me."
"And now its my time to take everything from them."


The Prologue

I lean against the concrete wall and slouch down, squatting. I reach in my coat pocket and pull out a box of cigarettes. I hit the box against its side, which makes one come out and I casually put that one in my mouth. I put the box back in my pocket and take out the lighter. I flick open the lighter, and use my other hand to cup my mouth to light the cigarette. Once the cigarette is lit, I snap the lighter close and put it back in my pocket. While shoving the light in my pocket, I use my other hand to take the cigarette out of my mouth and puff out a cloud of smoke.

"You're making this hard on yourself," I slowly sigh, turning my head to the side.

Right next to me and that is also slouch against the wall also, is another guy. Dry blood covers the top portion of his head and some dry trails going down his face. His wrists are professionally cut open causing fresh blood to slowly ooze out and drip lightly onto the ground. There are gun shot wounds scatter around his legs and other form of cuts covering his upper body. I jack him up bad. I don't want to kill him just yet. He needs to serve his usefulness before I grant him his wish. Otherwise, I keep him just barely alive as long as I can.

"Tell me where your boss is and I end this suffering," I continue, blowing another cloud of death into his face.

I know that the state he is in that he isn't capable of rational thinking or saying anything. His eyes have already flipped to the back of his eye sockets, and drool is dripping down from the sides of his mouth. His skin already pale from excessive blood lost, and pretty soon, he won't have enough blood to continue living. I already close his bullet wounds by using one of my cigarettes to melt it close and the cut on his wrists isn't big enough to kill him just yet. This whole procedure is taking too much time to get what I want. I grab a needle from my pocket and stick into his neck, injecting morphine into his body. Enough morphine for him to get under control and tell me what I want to hear.

"Are you all there yet?" I say calmly, too calmly for this situation.

"Fuck you fucking bastard," he spits out, instantly coming back to reality.

"Not an answer I want," I reply, picking up my pistol and place the side of it against his ear. I pull the trigger firing the pistol and heating the chamber that is against his skin.

"Son of a bitch!" he mouths, he tries to lift his arms to cover his ear but they aren't responding.

His left eardrum is damage beyond repair and his entire left side of his head is now burned flesh. I quickly stand up and move so I am in front of him. I put one of my boots between his legs and slowly lean forward, applying pressure on my foot. He cries in pain as I casually point the gun upwards and fire, and then pressing the burning nozzle against his cheek. His eyes shrivel from excruciating torture that I am giving his body. I am getting tired and am thinking that I might give him what he desires since I am getting irritable.

I use the barrel of the gun to nudge his head to the side so his right side of his face is in view, "You have the power to stop this. To end the last agony moments of your pathetic life but to do that, you must tell me what I want to hear."

I patiently wait for him to answer but he never does. I inhale my cigarette and use my free hand to take it out of my mouth. I blow a puff of the foggy smoke in his face and immediately jam the burning end in his eye, smudging it in. His other eye went wide as he tries to yell but he isn't capable producing that high of a pitch. I smash the whole cigarette in his eye till I have enough and flick the smash butt away. Regaining composure, I pistol whip him in the jaw causing teeth and blood to fly off to the side.

"Why do you continue to let me do these horrible things to your body? Should one man bear this kind of torture? Are you afraid that if you do tell that they will come after you and kill you? What makes you think that I won't kill you right now? I am on the blink of crossing the line of no return. If I don't get an answer real soon then I might just kill you anyways. Or, I can take away something valuable to you and keep you alive till they do kill you," I calmly speak to his right ear slowly pointing the gun down between his legs.

I can now see the utter terror in his eyes as he knows that I'm not bluffing. I rarely bluff and once I set out to do something then I will see to it that it gets done. I lightly press down the trigger but he weakly speaks. I release the trigger and lean forward to hear what he has to say. He whispers some interesting information. Exactly what I want and what I am hopping for. I move away from him and stand back up, smirking. The pistol hasn't left its position the whole time and I fire. He has finished his usefulness.

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Plot Inspired By A Friend

The Retribution

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