END OF 2006

-Midnight Crescent-

The Prologue

"May light cast down upon darkness and hinders the forces of evil."

A mystifying shadow of a male was sprinting through the darkness of the starless night. He moved swiftly and hastily as he dodged many obstacles throughout the alleyways of the city. The male silhouette finally stopped running and was walking slowly as he then came to a complete halt. His head cautiously snapped back and forth like he was looking for something but he didn't see anything around.

Suddenly, a reptilian demon broke through the wall right next to the male and surprised him, as he was caught up off guard. The bright, blazing hellfire from the demon's mouth lit up the male's yellow eyes as it tried to snap at him. In a split second, white-featured wings shot out from his back as he jumped up, and flapped his wings, heading towards the sky.

"Damn, that was careless of me," the male said laughing. "You almost had me there for a second. You know what, should trade that fire starter in your mouth for something that makes you less ugly."

The reptilian demon snarled at the winged creature as molten lava dripped down from its mouth and melted the ground. Skeleton wings started to sprout from its body and immediately took flight towards the winged creature high above in the sky. The demon charged the angel but he quickly moved out of the way and moved out of the way again as the demon came back.

"By the High Celestial Order, I'm here to take you down!" the winged creature yelled at the demon.

"You never bring me in!"

"You saying that like you have a choice."


"I was about to read your rights but I guess remaining silence is going to be permanent."

The winged creature raised his left arm high above his head and opened his hand wide. Lights started to appear and headed towards his hand as he begun gathering energy. In a short time, a huge collection of energy had gathered directly above his palm. As the winged creature gathering energy, the demon took notice of it and charged him once more.

"I'm going to devour you!"

The angel narrowed his eyes and watched the demon charging him with everything it had. The demon opened its mouth and was about to lunge its mouth at him but it froze in place right in front of the angel. The winged creature smiled at the demon as he brought down his arm and immediately thrust it forward into the demon. The energy in his hand released a bright flash of energy and blasted the demon into bits.

"I was never a good meal. I always attack the one who wanted to eat me. It's a habit of mine to try not to be eaten."

"In shadows we hide and in the light we shine."

The yellow-eyed angel continued to flap his wings in the bitter cold night sky. He quickly sensed something from below and glided away as a ray of energy fired at his location. He looked down and saw that the person he was looking for came out of its hiding. He dived down as the person high tail out of there and the angel gave chase from above.

"Be a smart darkling and give yourself up. Send me another one of your pets then I have to tell my boss that there was an accident if you catch my drift."

"Your High Order can kiss my ass!" the male demon yelled back.

"Have it your way."

The angel stretched out both of his arms to the side and begun gathering energy into his hands. The demon he was chasing could hear the whistling and crackling noise from the gathered energy. The angel swung one of his arms at the demon and a ball of energy was hurled towards the demon. The energy ball headed straight for the demon, but he easily dodged the attack and kept going.

"You are making it harder than it really is! Don't let me do this to you! We have all you can eat buffet!"

"Up yours!" the demon called back and flipped the angel off.

"Oh heck no, we're having an accident! I don't care now."

The angel swung both of his arms in front of him and clasped them together, as it created an unstable aura of energy. He soon slowly extended his hands away from each other and it created a sphere of pure energy, which got bigger with the distance. When the angel was satisfied of the size of the sphere, he suddenly stopped and raised the sphere above his head.

He then threw the energy sphere in front of him towards the demon far in front of him. The energy sphere hastily soared through the confine space of the alleyway as it tore parts of the walls in its path. The demon stopped as he reached a dead-end in the alleyway and turned around seeing the ball of energy heading straight for him.

"I give up! Don't kill me!"

"Aww isn't that too bad," the angel said as the energy swallowed the demon.

"Light needs Darkness; Darkness needs Light. One cannot exist without the other."

"For your irresponsible action of your last assignment we are hereby depromoting you," a voice quickly called out.

"You are sentence to the mortal realm," another voice called right after.

"Do you have anything to say for yourself, Clow?" a third distinctive voice concluded.

"Yeah, you can kiss my ass. I don't care if I go to the mortal realm. Anywhere is fine, as long I don't have to see you guys," Clow cockily shouted back.

"Silence!" a voice shouted.

"We as the High Celestial Order are tired of your insolence and tolerated it far enough!"

"You will not only be sentenced to the mortal realm, but as a human too."

"You will be mortal as a human and also live just like a human."

"You can't do that to me!" Clow angrily yelled.

"One last thing before you go, Clow"

"You will still continue to work under us but now as half human half angel."

"I will never work for you!" Clow sneered at them.

"You will if you want to continue to use your powers."

"Fine I'll work for you but I do things my way," Clow glared at the consul

"Very well, but we have no liability for your action as a human if something ever happens to you."

"I don't care."

"Be gone with you."

At that moment, a teenager was entering his apartment complex in Tokyo, Japan and walked up the steps to his apartment room. As he climbed up the steps, he heard a powerful sounding voice shouted through a room and a woman voice followed seemingly crying. The teenager sighed to himself as he saw a puddle of water on the ground and walked around it as he stared at it.

As he was starring at it, the door in front of him opened and when he looked back up, he saw he was about to collided into the man that was yelling. He stepped back to avoid bumping into the guy but he went back in and closed the door to yell to the woman most likely his wife. However once he stepped back, he stepped into the puddle and immediately slipped backwards, falling back onto the stairs.

As soon his upper back hit the stairs, he started trembling all the way down and hit the wall at the end but the force bounced him into another set of stairs. The teenager rolled all the way down to the first floor where he landed at the foot of the stairs and wasn't moving. His eyes were opened but blood was slowly coming out of his mouth and spread across the floor.

He lied there for several minutes without anybody coming and was declared dead but his hands suddenly started twitching. The teenager blink several times before deciding to stand up and cautiously wiped the blood from his mouth, looking around suspiciously. He turned around, and headed back all the way to his floor and took notice of the puddle of water on the ground and the door.

The teenager passed it and used his keys to enter his apartment right when he gotten to his door. He forcefully opened the door and closed it roughly once he entered the room. After his eyes scanned his room for several minutes, he made his way to the bathroom and slid the door open, entering it. He flipped the switch to turn on the lights and walked towards the sink, where he immediately turned on the facet.

He cupped both of his hands under the running water and once it was filled, he splashed it against his face. With his face thoroughly soak with water, he held onto the sink at both ends and stared aimlessly at the running water. His eyes then lingered up to the mirror in curiosity. His eyes widen at the reflection starring back in the mirror. It showed a young male with lightly tanned skin, deep brown eyes and messy black hair.

"That's not me," the teenager stuttered.

He stepped back in fear and slipped on the water that he spilled onto the floor while he was splashing water against his face. He fell down again and hit his back against the towel hanger behind him. He gave a loud yelp of pain as he tried standing back up and reached behind him to rub the area he hit himself. He looked back at the mirror and saw his own reflection of white spiky hair, bright yellow eyes and his pale skin.

The teenager lost all traces of any feeling as he gave a confused look at the mirror and started thinking. He turned his head outside of the bathroom and walked to the doorway to look around. He cautiously walked to the nearby desk and reached down to grab a piece of paper to look for something. His eyes widen when he found out he was looking for and ran back in the bathroom.

This time, the mirror didn't show his usual white hair, yellow eyes and pale skin but somebody else. It was the person he first saw that had the messy black hair, the brown eyes and light tan skin. He brought his hand up and felt his own cheek and saw that the person in the mirror mimic him. He suddenly had deep dread in his eyes as the realization came to him, however, seconds later he started smirking. He used his right hand to reach out and touched the mirror as he smiled harder.

"Nice to meet you Shiro Fuji, I guess I now inherited this body and your life when you died," Clow smiled and turned to leave the bathroom. "Now, where do I even begin to start my new life as a human?" Clow, now know as Shiro, whispered as he look around in his apartment.

And this is how Clow, the angel, became a mortal on Planet Earth.