"A City Unveiled"

Lost in an airplane so high,

My mind floating through the wind,

Where are we going?

Where are we landing?

My eyes are blinded,

Taking in the sight,

Of a sea of endless clouds...

Swelling waves of pure white drift,

Casting sprays of ocean mist,

Muted in time eternal.

Descending into the waves,

Bubbling foam veils my portal,

As the haze clears though,

My breath betrays me...

Lofty creatures pass me by,

A weightless whale here,

A school of fish there.

But beyond that...beyond that,

Lies a city ethereal,

A society concealed.

And I realize that maybe, just maybe,

All this time that we have been searching,

This is the hidden empire,

This is the forgotten realm,

This is Atlantis.