Sweet seduction
Sharp like your tongue
Bitter and rough
The taste on her skin

Hands clumsily holding
Boldly grasping and showing
What was once hidden behind closed doors
You were once waiting
Your answer has been released

But who knows if it's an act
Or the honest truth?
Desperately trying to show
That you're worth something
Maybe she gave up much more than she meant to
Much more than she should have
Just to convince you.

And the door creeps open,
They've been caught
Desperately pleading you to be convinced,
What will she do when cornered like that?

She promised to stay by your side
She promised she'd be only yours
She promised that she didn't care how everyone gave them weird looks
She promised that no one else mattered
She affected you in many ways…

But now you see her close her eyes
Opening them only to see someone else in her view
You wish you could be happy as you two once were together
But the fact of the matter remains-

That while she cared, while she would play
She never really wanted you, needed you that way
She will never change although her lies seemed to say-
You meant everything to her
Now you're just someone close
Someone important
But you're not her everything

And it will never be that way
Is that ok?