You told me everything would be alright.

You were my best friend.

You knew the right things to say

And the right things to do.

Four years.

Four long years

You made them the best.

So whatever happened that night.

Why did you say the things you said?

Why did you do the things you did?

Why did I have to have one more drink?

Why did you feel the need to get something out of that.

You promised me everything would be alright.

Why couldn't you keep your promise?

Why did you hurt me the way you did,

Physically and mentally.

I blacked out

After seeing you on top of me.

I never told anyone.

I passed a smile to everyone I saw.

They never knew what really happened.

But I do.

Who am I supposed to talk to?

What can I say to you?

I hope you never hurt anyone

The way you hurt me.

I lost a friend.

I can never trust again.

I will always be alone in my mind

With the thoughts of you.

Who would have thought.

I still do,

I will never be okay.