Swimming In The River Of Hope, Pt. I

Shallow waters getting deep
I'm standing in water
Up to my knees
There is time to turn
Around and go home safe
I do not feel like swimming

An islet in the rolling river
Gives me hope and faith
It's cold and I shiver
Don't want to go further
Still I want to reach my goal
I do not feel like swimming

Darkness surrounds the islet
A commotion is over it
The haze is scarlet
What's this I can't breathe
I open my eyes to find
That I'm now under water
(I do not feel like swimming)

Pulled Under

Oh god what happens now
I can't see;
Muddy water in my eyes
I can't hear;
Effervescence thundering in my ears
I can't breathe;
My lungs are poured in liquid
I can't think;
My mind is filled
Oh god what is this

Birth Of A New Man

In this world we don't know
Humiliation is not for us
And I could toil in this
Obscurity forever

See; a new man was born and they look him in the eyes
Walking up to say what he feels and
Just feel at all
Hear him talk to whom he wants to talk with
The sound of his own voices soothes him now
Not struggling trying to be
Now he is the man; himself

And the people they listen with their ears as he sings
A love song, a protest song, whatever
They want to listen

The Last Remaining Days

This world fades now
The hands of uncertainty
Takes a hold of me
Takes me back

And now it's black

Her eyes are more beautiful then I remembered
And the smile over her face
Way too many days have gone by now
Show me grace dear fine lady
I want to be with you now
Would you embrace me
Because for me everything is so damned shady

I stand before her now but for some reason I cannot talk
Muted for this one moment that matters
And for a second I can see it all collapse
To tatters and turn to nothing
Nothing, nothing, nothing
Just random natters
But all that's left of my days is nothing

Then there's nothing
Don't want nothing
Can't chose nothing

Out of Ambivalence

A Hand
I grab
A hold
Pulled out
Of the ambivalence
Now I have seen

A face
I know it
So I kiss it
I kissed it

I want to stay
Right here
Right now
Of course
This isn't real

Wait now I hear the birds
Light I see light
And breathe the air

Swimming In The River Of Hope, Pt. II

Standing on the islet of hope
This is where I belong
Find it then cut the rope
All the bounds are now broken
Somehow I knew it would
Come to this at last

And I feel like swimming
Swimming in the river of hope