Gingersnap Heart Crack

Sneaked into the kitchen
I opened the box very carefully
Screeching sound and smell so good
Mom told me no but knew I would
My man he never cared
He's in the living room snoring on the sofa

Inhale the green smell
Of the gingersnap hearts in the box
My brain says no still my tongue says yes
And I grab for a heart, oh God bless
Take a last look around
Before I pull the hand out from the box

As I pull it up I loose my grip
Gingersnap heart crack
It falls to the floor
Gingersnap heart crack
It wasn't like this before
Gingersnap heart crack
The gingersnap heart cracked

Puzzled I look around me
What would be the usual reaction?
I can see the heart on the floor broken
Just for me, like a token
Sweep the bits to me
Like my passion it's broken but I still pick it up

Who cares if it's broken?
It tastes equal good
I have eaten a broken heart before
Though I'm not sure if it understood
Gingersnap heart crack
In my mouth
Never mind the immorality