A different kind of war

The ice sneaks in

during the middle of the night

silently waiting to

eliminate all traces of life

Winter sent the ice

as a bitter-sweet gift

it was a Trojan horse

for their on-going war

The war on weather

a war that is separating their family

Father Time and Mother Nature

their children Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn

And the war will continue

for all of time

for control over the world

and the way the days feel

Because of disagreement

and failure to compromise

the family splits up

a jagged line between the sides

And so the ice slips in because

it is the winter's frozen assassin

So that was my poem. I wrote that for an English assignment. We were supposed to write about Ice. How dull. So, I did something nobody else did. While everyone else wrote stuff about how slick the ice is and how they are always falling on their butts, I wrote about Ice as a person/people/war squad that is a murderer. Still awaiting to find out what I got. And, No, I don't usually write poetry. And it was MEANT to not have any punctuation.