So I finally finished the first chapter of one of my stories that I've been working on... I know I'm working on quite a few, but my pencil just won't stop writing!

Anyways, this story, Operation: Matchmaker, is about a 17-year-old girl named Aya Kobayashi and her ability to see people's "red strings", a string that, according to Japanese legends (I'm sorry if it's the same for other cultures... I only know Japanese stuff) will tie you to your destined lover. She's finally decided to use her ability to see these strings to help other people who need that little extra push get together with their destined person sooner, so that they can spend more time together without any stupid reason to get in the way. But while she's doing her little matchmaking business, a new guy transfers into her class... and she finds his red string extremely strange. And so... she's determined to figure out exactly what's going on with that string.

So anyways...

Aya is... different... from my other characters. She's a lot more negative haha. I don't normally have a negative main character...

But I think she's funny :)

Anyways. I hope you'll enjoy the first chapter of this story...

Here are a list of the characters that pop up in the first chapter:

Main Character: Aya Kobayashi

Main Character's Best Friend: Mitsuki Watanabe

Homeroom/Math Teacher: Takahashi

English Teacher: Inoue

And... well Aya's parents... but I don't mention their names at all.

Well... R&R:)