and so…

and so: a song rose up
from the throats of the saddened,
they lifted up their sorrow to the heavens
and wept, for the ones they had lost,
for the ones who had fallen deep beneath the earth,
who had gone on, and left them here
to suffer, to weep for a crucified past.

damn, and damn again: the words
were unspoken, but still heard
with every breath breathed, every tune
sung softly. They were not happy.
Though the sun shone, though there
was blue sky abundant, still they sang,
Lifting their tears to a heaven much too far
away. There was nothing to hear them.

again, and louder: the cry wasn't so very different
from the one raised at the end of the Wars,
not so very different, no, but there was
no hope here. Their spirits had fled
to that underground place, their bodies
soon to follow after, to be done with what
they thought helpless, hopeless.