Time is amazing. So many things that I couldn't let go of just slip away. The simple act of living life cleanses us like tides on a beach. What a wonderful capacity to forget we have.

There are months that go by without even a whisper of a hint of a thought about you. You simply don't matter to me anymore. You don't exist.

Years roll by and the tombstone that I thought was a permanent marker on my soul has worn away to dust. My nights aren't spent dwelling on the past. My days are filled with newness and life. I love, I laugh, I'm angry and sad all without you. You aren't a part of it. You're a ghost of a feeling that I can't even quite remember.

The hate that I felt died out ages ago. You weren't there to sustain it, and time gives us the power to forget.

Once I thought you were the axis my future would turn on, and now I can't even remember what year it was that all this happened. It doesn't hurt to think about it. My soul doesn't ache. I can't find the scars that I thought you had left behind. What seemed so devastating at the time is nothing but ashes in my forgotten youth.

Time was more powerful than you, and now I can't even recall when it was that I forgot you.

And I don't care.