That day the prince came knocking on the door,
While Cinderella had been washing the floor.
She continued her work in fear of a flaw,
And when she looked up she saw the claws.

The pair of claws – her stepsister's hands,
Held on tightly to her elegant fan.
She bared her teeth that contrasted her tan,
And anyone who could, would then have ran.

"Open the door," her sister commands,
And Cinderella asks what's to be done.
"Ask what he wants," her sister demands,
"Offend him, and I'll burn you in the sun."

Unwilling but left without a choice,
Cinderella sighed and tried to be nice.
She smiled sweetly and straightened her thighs,
Then walked to the door, trying not to cry.

The door opened, the two eyes met,
And Cinderella felt her heart turn sad.
Why was it that her prince stood there,
Oh-so-handsome and full of flair.

The night before the clock struck twelve,
She and the prince danced hand in hand.
But due midnight, her dream was dashed –
Her beauty had disappeared in a flash.

The handsome prince suavely gave a bow,
And Cinderella heard her stepsister growl.
His voice was gentle as a doe,
And Cinderella felt her heart secretly glow.

The prince took out a shiny glass shoe –
One as transparent as the morning dew.
He gently lifted up Cinderella's heels,
And tried to force in the shiny glass shoe.

Cinderella knew it wouldn't fit,
For hers was like an elephant's feet.
Running bare-footed and she even tripped;
To fit in the shoe was no simple feat.

It didn't fit, the prince announced.
And Cinderella knew it was a love renounced.
The prince took the shoe and decided to proceed;
He turned to the sister who was filled with greed.

"It fits! It fits!" The stepsister screamed,
She pushed and struggled to make it fit.
"It fits! It fits!" The stepsister screamed,
"Bring me a knife and then it'd fit!"

"It fits! It fits!" Cinderella shrieked.
As her sister painfully cut off the meat.
"It fits, it fits," Cinderella cried,
And indeed the shoe had fit her right.

The prince carried the sister in his arms,
And then Cinderella felt her broken heart thump.
"Let's leave for the castle, my one true love,
Let's leave this house to this poor little dove."

As the prince quickly turned to leave,
Cinderella realised that she was free.
Free from her stepsister – the evil witch;
It no longer mattered that she was ditched.

The day the prince came knocking on the door,
Was the day Cinderella had been washing the floor.
The day Cinderella had lost her love,
Was the day that Cinderella no longer serves.