Lucien came home early that night. I had come back from the field only an hour beforehand. Showering the moment I came back, I wondered if he could still smell the fresh outside air on my skin. Although, when it came to Lucien, there was no telling. As we sat down together for dinner, which was a rarity, he spoke up first.

"How was your day? Read anything interesting?" He asked politely. I didn't understand how he could act as though he wasn't keeping me imprisoned in this house. "Lucien, I need more than just books. I need someone to talk to. Please, at least make it to where I can go out of the house for a few hours each day. I'm getting as pale as you." I replied, a longing tone in my voice. I was no actress. My feelings had always been as plain as day. I was pleading to get out of the house, but I knew that him actually letting me was a different story. My chances were less than slim to none. "This house is driving me crazy." I whispered more to myself than to him. I had been staring down into my soup bowl, looking at my own reflection. "I will think about it Victoria." He replied solemnly. Whenever he used my name I knew he was serious. I wasn't going to push my luck any further. At least he was going to give it some thought. Though it didn't feel like it, a few days had already passed from when I had been brought back to Lucien. I honestly wasn't trying to run away, I just needed some air. I stopped running a long time ago.

After dinner, which was even more silent after our discussion, we both went our separate ways. I didn't know what to do. In the beginning there had always been books at my disposal. Now that I had finished the majority of the library, I was running out of ideas. Once I was in my room, I sat on my bed, a despairing look on my face. Lucien would never let me outside. Even if he did, it would be with a very short leash. I was about to lay down, when I saw one of the drapes move. It was across the room next to my dresser. Getting up slowly, I inched my way towards the slightly moving, midnight blue drapes. Slowly reaching for the heavy curtain, and gradually pulling it back I found a partially open door.

"What's this? Another secret passage?" I muttered to myself. It wouldn't surprise me though. Lucien and his home had been around for centuries, literally. Though when I pulled both drapes to the side, they revealed two cherry wood French doors. Peering out the clear glass windows, I saw a starry sky, but something below had caught my attention. Shimmering movement made my eyes dance uncomfortably.
"It's…a lake." I breathed slowly. For the year that I had lived here, I'd never noticed it. I had never realized how much fresher the air smelled, or paid any attention to the number of birds flying around. Closing the door tight, and covering them back up with the drapes, I was too tired for an expedition. I did wonder who had left it open. A maid? Lucien? Climbing under my covers, I dreamt about what I would find tomorrow while Lucien was away at work.