Hello peoples! This is a play I've been working on for the past few monthes and I finally decided to upload it. If you see any errors please tell me. These are just the charater descriptions I'll be adding more as I go along. You really don't have to read this but It'll help you understand better when I put up the play tomorrow. Leave me love.

Amethyst Gem- 17, Lives in a boarding school. She has a slight burn scar covering her left cheek and ear. She is very self conscious, impulsive, outgoing, loud, and wild around her friends. At home she is mostly depressed and hates being pitied. She often acts as if the things that people say don't hurt her feelings. She often flirts even if she does not mean to. She frequently says stupid things, her hair and eyes are Amethyst. She falls into the category of average when it comes to her school work.

Diamond Pretty (Topaz Love) – 17, Amethyst's best friend. She is the serious one. She and Amethyst are complete opposites. Diamond gets her name because of her beauty. She has perfect yellow blonde hair, that reaches the middle of her back, yellow sparkling eyes, And a defined chin. She is about 5'7 focused, clean, and often has to keep Amethyst on track.

Emerald Green- 17 he's in love with Amethyst, and has been for the past two years. He's Amethyst Best male friend. Amethyst seems oblivious to his advances. He's goofy, and a typical male friend and a bad ass. He breaks rules for the hell of it, pissing people off seems to be a sport to him. He'll do anything in the world for Amethyst and Diamond. He also lives in the dorm next door to them.

Onyx Nail (Waiter) – Diamonds best friend until they evolved into something much more. He is very Argumentive and has a soft spot for diamond only. He isn't rich and he has been trying to find her for the past two years.

Sapphire Stone – he is dense and conceited. He's diamonds boyfriend, although she is planning to break up with him. He is as attractive as Diamond if not more. He is the Quarter back on the Sparkly Colors team at Gem Stone High. His hair and his eyes are sapphire.

Aquamarine Sea- The head 'sparkler' at Gem Stone High. She thinks she can have anything she wants, including Emerald. She has the power to make anyone's life a living hell, since her father is the dean.

Ruby red- She is Aquamarine's best friend. She is very shy and is like a verbal punching bag for Aquamarine. She also likes Sapphire.

Mr. Sea – Aquamarine's father.

Mr. Ortega – He is a teacher who is really hard on his students, only because he wants them hem to succeed.

Mr. Gem- Amethyst's dad, he has her best interest at heart. He's over protective, and he owns a very famous jewelry store on the other side of town. He is still mourning the loss of his wife from the fire that burned Amethyst's face and he blames himself.

Also if you have any ideas for the name of the football team and their last names let me know!