A Message To Most

Glory hear the angels sing,

Oh, here comes the new born king,

For peace on earth has found its death,

Every drop gone, ancient is its final breath,

So take your families, gather round under the gaping sky,

Todays the day for all to die,

Gawk and gasp as the angel's rain down,

From glowing wings to shining gown,

Their trumpets sing a deafening sound,

By justice we are soon to all be drowned.

And the thunder will strike with uncanny force,

Bedtime story creatures ride in by horse,

The heavens become a palette of purple, red, and arrays of blue,

Oh my, most will cry, and no one will know what to do,

The clouds are parting now, and from its mouth meteors descend,

To no living creature will they befriend,

Cities crackle and fall in flames and burn,

Such is the ceremony for His return,

And none of humanities fools may avoid Satan's eternal rape,

A message to most: you will not escape.