He told me that he will never let go,

He held my hand tight through it all.

He is the reason I am invincible. He holds me tight during each battle.

He is my knowledge, teaches me of a world seen only by light creatures.

His word such as psalms 23 manipulated my skin causing mutation thus resulting in Indestructible body armour. Hence I am invincible.

His love inhabits my soul, his great mercy and tolerance makes him the perfect father to all life.

I am of mud and sand,

I inhaled life, created for a purpose to serve.

I have been given a great gift of eternal life.

I with my two arms and two legs shall stand to fight to prove the existence of my father.

Like the air I breath each day, he is the oxygen that dwells in my lungs.

Inhaling his beauty, I live on a single breath.

This blue sphere, we call our home belongs to him.

Unquestionable, what he says shall be. Let there be light.

Who is this? You ask.

He is my father, your father, our father.

Some choose to acknowledge him, some believe not is his existence,

But he loves all. Accepts all.

Questioning his existence is common for there is no scientific evidence.

But if you all open your minds, there is evidence all-round us.