Author's note: please before you read this just try to visualise a supernaturnal battle.

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Mercy said no (inspired by Cece Winans' song)

He stood in his light filled garments,

"Come my child" He said with a smile.

Holding out a hand so beautiful and firm.

Mercy said no.

"Where are you going?" Darkness stood at my left.

Staring at him, evil eyes so menacing.

"NO" My Saviour said. The light from his eyes so defiant.

"Its not fair, she mine, she belongs to me." He screamed in terror,

Mercy said no.

"She is mine," his wailing cries could be heard in the underworld.

I stood traumatized by the intense battle before me.

The light He had exerted authority, "I was crucified for her."

Mercy said no.

Life light I embraced, so warm, so beautiful.

Love enveloped me, Mercy said no.

"No, come with me, look I have what you want." Death tried to take me.

"Lucifer back to once you came, HELL." Eternal life said.

Death's screams "I will get my vengeance Nazarene, I will."

Mercy said no.

"Its okay my daughter, Am here." My lord smiled.

Heaven seemed to light up more.

"Father, I…I have sinned greatly." I trembled with fear.

"Shh, don't be afraid. Am here now, I love you just as you are."

"Oh Lord, forgive me. Am not worthy."

"I was crucified for you, I knew your name my daughter."

"You did?" I cried even more.

He nodded wiping my tears,

A kiss on my forehead, "Come my daughter, I have plenty to show and teach you."

Mercy said no, darkness obeyed.

Thank you Lord Jesus.

Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world. 1 John 4v4 (KJV)