Merry Christmas

It was Christmas time.

The snow peddles fell graciously to the ground,

It was as if the clouds fell from the heavens.

Covering the earth with their crystal white sheets.

Tree sparkled when hit by light.

Leaves wore clean white dresses.

Velvet coats spreads across the fields,

Children danced to the sound of the moving attic wind.

Wearing warm clothing, little fingers protected by mittens.

Smiles lit the sky, the children waited up for Santa Claus. Old Saint Nick.

Red suit, black boots with white feathers.

In a chariot, reindeers danced across the night sky.

Bright moon light, shinning towards the huge Christmas tree.

The lights lit up, the Christmas tree bloomed like A rare roses beauty seen every 25 years.

Have Merry Christmas and happy New year.