by Jason "VeryGnawty" Brown

Hardened anchors on the earth
Roughly rigid in our worth.
Flowing free like ants and bees,
Yet rugged mountains block the breeze.

Rugged mountains soaring high
Reaching up into the sky.
Cleaving clouds like sharpened knives,
Ever upward mountain strives.

Ever upward in the wind
Eagle soars up yet again,
Fighting drift and gust and gale,
Rising high above the vale.

Darkened clouds with pregnant might
Forming deep into the night
Burdened with the threat of rain
Falling down to earth again.

Roaring winds and thunder clap,
Ripping bark and spewn tree sap,
Boiling heat in thunderous blaze,
Flames that flick and dance and raze.

Wisps of smoke and dust and steam
Falling down amidst a dream
Settling down upon the earth
Burned and torn and robbed of worth.

Earthen arms with wide embrace
From its stone heart grants them grace.
As the trees are yet reborn
To let them see another morn.