I am a queen by day,

A warrior by night. I fight for the righteousness of the spirit.

I live in damnation of the wicked.

I formed relationships with hell raisers.

I bring peace into the most troubled hearts.

I am therefore prestigious.

Hate does not bother me, as love surrounds me.

Challenges may awaken in the battlefield for good,

Damned by the demons of my heart but saved by the presence of the gospel.

Enlightened by the stories of the courageous souls of yesterday, today and tomorrows.

I dwell in their hearts as a prestigious soul of heaven.

My origin is unknown to man,

But creatures of spirit have knowledge of my home. My land filled with happiness and joy.

I entered the kingdom of heaven as a soul but came out as a queen of light.

Blessed with the power of sight, I see what dwells in the hearts of every being on this sphere you call home.

Blessed with the power of knowledge, I know the difference between right and wrong.

So i am prestigious, I am of high status.