A/N: So...I had this really unique style of setting this poem up...but it didn't let me. So if anyone has a tip for how to set up some STYLE here, please let me know! Enjoy

Poem 333-6

Boy: Both: Girl:

Both: What hands are these
When they harm the ones I love
When I struggle to hold them up in love
I do not care
For I shall pierce it

Boy: The river of blood leaks out

Girl: The bloody pond leaks out

Boy: The only way to let go of

Girl: But now, it's what I fear.

Both:Tears…I cannot play my beloved of no more
And my once varied shading of art

Boy: My hands are now of dust

Girl: Is now turned to dust

Both:War has now occupied in
My knuckles
Yet I care not
And why shall I do this,
Forever seeing the blood?
Family no longer supports
Friends now leave on their own
And yet my hands weep out
What my tears cannot:

The madness and lonliness
Within me rushing;

My hands, to create what I love
Is now seering with blood…