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She had been wandering most of the night; she had not meant to get lost. She had just wanted to see the kitty's babies. She had seen the kitty around but until tonight, she had never been able to follow her. Traveled after the kitten had been strenuous work, following her through the old field and then into a different neighborhood. Kaylee had never been so confused in her life.

A little while ago, she had lost sight of the kitten, the momma cat dodging underneath a porch where Kaylee could not follow. She began to walk, quite sure that she could find her way home, though the more she traveled the more lost she felt. She thought about going to someone's house and asking him or her for help. She knew no one here though, not sure, who would answer.

Her mother had warned her about going to strangers doors, but right now she was lost and had no idea what to do. As the minutes passed, she grew even more panicked starting to walk a little faster. She felt like someone was watching her and in the cool December night, she found herself suddenly hot and uncomfortable. Taking off her jacket letting the cool night air attack her bare arms as she tried to think where she had came from.

The field looked rather familiar and she went that way. Now hidden by the shadows of the night lamp and not able to see the curb where the street ended and the field abruptly began. With a yelp she fell forward nearly catching herself until the sleeves of her jacket twisted around her legs and her knees connected with the curb.

She cried out in pain rolling to the side, gasping and holding her cut knees. She began to whimper softly holding her hands against her cut knees feeling her warm blood as it began to ooze out of the scrapes. All at once, there was just so much, now feeling truly foolish for wearing shorts outside on the cold winter night. Her mother had warned her against it and now she was truly paying for her.

With tears in her eyes, she tried to see what damage she had done to her knees. Trembling in pain seeing the gravel within them as she continued to cry wanting her mother feeling so lost and scared. All of her fears doubled within her, her emotions swirling out of control. The young teenager needed someone, anyone to help her.

She did not hear him at first, too concerned with her pain that her scraped knees caused. He was just there kneeling down before her, in her young eyes he was a giant. At first, she was frightened backing away for a moment, whimpering softly in fear.

"Do not be frightened, I will help you. I promise," he said softly and held out his pale hands in front of his body to show that he meant her no arm. He was on his knees, down on her own level looking into her eyes showing by his expression and body language that he simply wanted to help her.

He had not interacted with young children in so long and she did look very young. Too young in fact, wondering why he had stopped for this small human. He shook his thought clear and continued to stare into her eyes.

"What is your name?" He asked softly and saw the uncertainty in the young girls' eyes. She was wise beyond her years not to trust him; usually humans fell all over themselves to get closer to him.

"Kaylee," she answered softly after a long pause. Keeping back away from him trembling a little bit, not sure whether to trust him or not. She made a little sound of pain when he reached out and gently touched her hands moving them away so he could see the cuts.

"Nice to meet you Kaylee, my name is Sebastian." He said softly looking into her eyes for a moment before focusing on the problem at hand. He took off his scarf in order to wipe at some of the blood and to stop the flow. He could see that the blood flow was starting to slow but not at a fast enough rate.

"What are you doing out here?" She asked softly making a little sound when he pressed his scarf against her shaking knees. She made a little sound of pain, looking away from the tall man as he took care of her wounds.

"I was just taking a stroll, why are you out here? It is rather late for one as young as you are to be out." He said softly, wiping at the small but deep cuts and then pressing down. She was being so brave not even thrashing as he caused her pain.

"I got lost and I don't know how to get home." The young teenager whispered sounding as forlorn as she looked back down to what he was doing. Sebastian now ripped his scarf in half and wrapped them around her knees tying them tightly.

"That should do for now," Sebastian said softly and then stood reaching underneath the girl and gathering her into his arms. "Do you know what street you live on?" He asked as he began to walk down the street. Not understanding why he felt obligated to care for the young girl.

"Mockingbird Lane," she said softly trying to remember the house number. "I don't remember the address; I will know my house when I see it." She said feeling her cheeks brighten and burn as he picked her up. The first signs of young girl crush developing as she stared up at him.

He carried her with ease and seemed not to notice the effect he was having on her. Sebastian only wanted to get the young girl out of the cold so her parents could take care of her. He soon realized that the young girl was speaking to him. Not really too him, more like an endearing ramble which she informed him of the birthday she had just had and her plans on him coming to her next one. She wanted him to be her friend and she actually referred to him as her "Knight" a few times.

Her words were innocent promises that dug slowly into his heart. It was the shortest walk of his life and yet the longest as well. He found out so much about the young girl as he made his way using the shadows to his advantage. She simply would not stop talking telling him about her likes and dislikes what she had gotten for Christmas and then what she got for her birthday. Soon when she finished talking about herself, she began to question him.

"When is your birthday?" She asked softly, her eyes drifting back up to focus on his dark eyes. Sebastian paused for a moment in his steps giving the young girl in his arms a glance before focusing back on the street walking faster now.

"A ways off, I believe it was in March." He said softly, watching the streets turning down another one. Guessing that the next street over would be the correct street. He had not felt this way for a human in a long time.

"You don't remember your own birthday?" She asked and there was a shock and slight happiness in her voice. As if the young woman could not believe that, he did not remember his own birthday. Sebastian though about it himself for a little while and felt a smile break upon his lips.

"It has been a while since I have celebrated my birth, why is that so astonishing to you little one?" He asked not able to make his smile vanish. He did not remember a time when he had smiled so, or talked to anyone at this length. Even though she was a small girl, he felt some need to watch over her and protect her.

"Everyone should remember their birthday, you name a day and we will celebrate yours. I will throw you a party and have my mom make you a cake. Do you like chocolate cake?" She asked squirming around his arms now, forgetting about her hurts knees or the despair she had felt only five minutes ago. The man who was carrying was far more interesting.

"I have not had any cake in a while," he answered sounding slightly unsure. Not ready to make any promises to the young one when he would see her again. Sebastian knew that March was only a few months away.

"Well then come tomorrow and we'll make a cake tomorrow, my mom won't mind. She likes baking and my dad will be gone taking photos, so it can be fun. We can have a little party, or like a tea party, I like parties." She said with another beautiful smile.

"Perhaps," he said softly feeling more uncomfortable now. "I do not think I can come tomorrow, maybe a few years from now I will come and visit." Sebastian said seeing the brief moment of pain on the young girls face before it turned to slight anger.

"A few years?" Her tone so unbelieving like she could not possibly fathom waiting years to see him again. "Why a few years, what's wrong with tomorrow?" She asked her face contorted into a childish pout.

He felt a need to laugh at that moment but held himself in check, shaking his head. "You are too young right now to have a man of my age courting you. I promise when you are older I will come and we will discuss it then." Sebastian said softly giving her a slight hug with his arms around her.

"I am thirteen and my tallest girl in my class. I'm smart and I take care of my pets really well, I'm plenty old enough I swear it. I like you, don't leave me please." She begged softly, her tears welling up once more in her eyes. She looked around and with a frown saw her house but did not tell him where it was.

Sebastian saw where her eyes went, seeing the dark house with the lights still on knowing that it belonged to her. Knowing that her parents inside were deeply concerned about the young treasure they had lost. "Do not cry dear, I will be back again I swear it. In a few years we will be together, do you believe me?" He asked looking down into her eyes. He needed to see that she was happy before he let her go into her house.

She stared into his eyes gently biting her lip still not happy but she guessed it was better than nothing. She finally nodded, "I believe you, you have too promise though. You will be back in a few years when you think I'm old enough and then we'll go. Promise?" She said softly, her dark blue eyes so serious right now. Red lips set in a hard line to show her seriousness in the matter.

Sebastian nodded his smile reduced to a soft smirk. He felt a moment of uncertainty before he nodded, "In a few years I promise to come to you again." He repeated softly and then was unsure when she held up her pinky to him.

"Pinky promise," she said softly and now a soft smile was on her face. She saw his confusion and giggled softly. "Here stick out your pinky like mine," she said softly watching as he did so. She then hooked her small pinky around his bigger and shook a few times.

"There," she said with a satisfied smile turning her head to stare up at her house. She then looked back to him holding onto his arm as he carefully set her down. Her knees stung when she tried to move but she would survive. She looked up to him once more and did a little hop to kiss him on his chin. "See you soon Sebastian," she said softly she then turned and ran the rest of the way to her down and went into the house with a second glance.

He watched fear gripping him for a moment when she started to run. Remembering her injuries and knowing that they had likely torn her wounds back open. He stepped back for a moment watching through the windows as her mother hugged her tightly and her father began to inspect the cuts on her knees. He could see that her parents did care for her and felt better that she was safe.

With a promise to himself he turned knowing he would be here watching but would not come to her again until a few years had passed. He felt a brief moment of worry, knowing how human minds were quite forgetful. He knew with certainty he could trust her to remember him though. With a soft smile that had not graced his lips for a long time, he disappeared into the shadows to find his own resting place. He would need a more permanent place now that he planned to stay a few years.

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