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After the mini heart attack I had in Chemistry I had three excruciating classes worth of quiet seething and fear. I could not, and would not, be able to work with Wil. After everything between us, I just knew I would end up with an ulcer. Needless to say, that put me in a thoroughly awful mood, so by the time I found my table at lunch I was about to break someone's neck. Unfortunately enough for him, Danny was the only one there that early in the period, and he made the mistake of opening his mouth.

Let's get one thing straight about Danny. He gets my wrath a lot. It's not his fault; he just has one of those personalities. You know, the ones that you normally love but rub you completely the wrong way the minute you are in a bad mood. One of the guys who, no matter how you try to train them, will always assume stuff, overhear parts of conversations, spread information, and never think before he talks. In other words, he's like the chihuahua puppy that your parents buy you for your birthday that's all adorable, and you love it, until it tears down your curtains, pisses on your carpet, and can't stop barking. And at that moment, he was barking up the wrong tree.

Who talks about the hotness of girls with another girl!? WHO DOES THAT! Newsflash, I'm a girl, and as much as he would love it, I'm not a lesbian, and therefore don't give a flying rats butt about some girl who has "slammin boobs" in his gym class. I don't think he gets this though, so I choose that moment to scream it at him at the top of my lungs and plop down with a thud on the sun-heated bench, inserting a few swears and insults under my breath along the way. He, of course, stares at me like I just burst into flames or something, and just goes, "I thought you'd want to know...plus she's great in bed."

Ok, too much information. I think he's baiting me.

I'm about to chastise him even further, and possible threaten little danny and the twins, when Cass shows up.

"So any word on this Friday?"

"Oh yes, ready to sell my soul away to the devil as we speak!"

"Tell me how you really feel…Rach, I'm starting to think you'll have to join a convent."

"Cass. How many times do I have to tell you. Boys are like pit-bull puppies. They're only cute, slobbering and falling all over themselves until you let them off their leash, then they just wait for you to turn around so they can bite you in the butt."

"Rach, if I didn't know better I'd say you think all men are dogs… Danny's wounded… see that!" She joked, slinging an around his shoulders as he took his plastic spork and pretended to stab himself in the stomach.

I rolled my eyes and was about to say yes, as a matter of fact they were, and tell her my chihuahua theory, when Rick, Aiden and my brother started over from the lunch line and I realized that I would better off if I just bit my tongue. My brother loved to listen to my rants and then tell my mom all about them, so that she'll try to force me to go see a therapist again. That was after the whole Max/milk incident, she was convinced that I must have some pent up rage and was convinced that it was her fault for not showing me more love as a child. Since she wouldn't believe that stupid was an unfortunate side effect of the y-chromosome and I couldn't stand stupid, I had a very uncomfortable month of sitting on the couch of a fifty year old, balding therapist with an annoying half German accent, listening to him tell me about the "circle of trust." (Cue eye roll here).

Needless to say, I keep my ranting to a minimum now. I'm not crazy; I just have a low tolerance for crap. I don't need to pay for someone to tell me that.

So instead I bit my tongue and glared as I took one of the already cold curly fries from my plate and viciously poked it into a blob of ketchup off of my brother.

"God Rach, what crawled up your ass and died." Jared, my oh so eloquent, brother asked, mouth half full of a burrito, a little rice dribbling down his chin. I returned this with a glare and a very witty comment about his manhood and secretly wondered how on earth a guy like him had such an amazing social life. The guy, who couldn't even make Easy Mac without messing it up until this year, had more friends than anyone else I knew. I easily lost track of the number of faceless bystanders who constantly cycled in and out of my house, laughing and joking with my brother. I mean, sure, he's a great guy, and he's not as dumb as his many fiascos and accidents would lead you to think, but still. Love him to pieces, but he's about as classy as a rock and as observant as one too.

"Seriously Rach, sup?" Someone else said. I knew that on a scale from one to harsh, I was batting a thousand, and really didn't want to end up hurting myself or others in a fit of rage, so I decided that I had to be nice.

This was easier once I realized that it was Brian, who, during my two minute mental rant about my brother, had seated himself across from me and had a definite 'I know what's going on' look on his face. "You look like the time that I forced you to go paintballing and then lost…"


"Don't even think about it. Let's see. Did someone say something stupid again and piss you off. I'm guessing Danny because he's been awfully well behaved this week."

Let me explain. Brian is like that guy who you wish you were related to. You know, the one who knows exactly how you're feeling, when to stay out of your way, who you're mad at and what you want without needing to be told. Usually having this close of a link can be handy. He keeps me in check, but at that particular moment, I wanted to throw what was left of my lunch at him for getting inside my head. It's a scary place, and I most certainly didn't want him mucking around in it.

"Ding ding ding we have a winner." I said sarcastically spinning a fry around in the air like a noise maker. "Tell him what he's won folks…"

"A date with you this Friday?" Cass interceded before I could finish my sentence.

"I was gonna say a lovely stack of luke cold fries. Thank you very much."

"Come on Rach, you need a date. I just handed you an opportunity on a golden platter. You promised…"

Now… It's times like theses when I truly want to kill my best friend. I mean sure, blackmailing me into date supervision makes me livid, but that's nothing in comparison to when she says stuff in front of the guys that make me want to crawl under a rock. Like the time she accidentally told them about me having my period. None of them could look at me without a look that reminded me of the one people get when they see the birth video, ya know, that combo of disgust and horror. Or, how could I forget the time that she accidentally let it slip that I liked Cam Jenison freshman year. That one resulted in Danny and Wes following me around chanting "Rachael's in love, Rachael's in love" over and over, Rick telling Cam that I liked him, James telling him that I had a shrine of him in my closest, and my brother threatening to beat him to a pulp if he touched me… He transferred schools at the start of the second semester. So needless to say, I don't tell them things. Love em, but I don't trust them to behave themselves.

So now, I'm sitting there as slowly but surly each of them starts to realize what Cass just said and starts to stare at me like I've grown a third head, except James who is busy trying to do the flirty nod on this sophomore two tables over.

Insert awkward silence here.

Brian was the first to move. "Wait, wait, wait. YOU are going on a DATE?" He suddenly broke out laughing, breaking the innate stillness and unleashing a wave of stupid, and mainly inappropriate things my way.

Finally once all things were calming down Danny, who had been surprisingly quiet, chimed in." Wasn't the last one you had to celebrate the end of the Ice Age?"

Ok, bad move of his number two.

I was about to make a flying leap at him across the table when suddenly Max, who I didn't even notice was there, spoke up. "I'd go with you…"

I turned.

I looked.

My mouth opened. Nothing came out.

And there was Max, looking so sincere and so sympathetic, that without even thinking, my mouth opened again…

And said ok…

What the HELL had I gotten myself into?