It was late, and the streets were dark and misty as they walked home. The streetlights were dimly lit, casting yellow shadows and catching the mist as it swirled like dust around them. Like a memory caught in a moment that you blow the dust off, remember, and smile. There was a moon too although it was barely visible,

"A lover's moon," he'd said to her.

"But we're not lovers," she'd replied.

"There's still time.."

And she'd smiled but her lips were sealed.

He was taller than her, even though she walked on the pavement and he down the middle of the road where the white lines were, scuffing his baseball boots with every step he took. She didn't wear her shoes, they were carried looped around her wrists with the heels clacking together and his jacket shrugged over her shoulders to stop her shivering in the cold. He seemed to be immune to temperature as he walked beside her and looked up at the sky.

They reached the old bench, the one that was covered with hundreds of names and hearts linking them, in the shadow of the old clock with it's face all lit up and the chimes ringing on the hour every hour. She sat and plaited her hair whilst he carved their names into the wood with a cocktail stick he had left over from the party.

"Arie?" He said, breaking the silence suddenly.

"Yes?" She turned to look at him with those green eyes he found so hard to ignore.

"I need to know whether I should put a heart around our names or not.." He replied, not a little anxious.

"Well I don't know," she paused and then rushed ahead as if forcing herself to ask, "what do you say?"

"Say about what?"

"What happened. Tonight."

He knew she was taking it seriously. He screwed up his face as if it was painful to think about it and took a long time before answering,

"Arie, you know I love you," he said not looking at her but at the ground.

"You tell me that, but how do I know who else you're saying it to?"

"I was only helping her Anna I swear! She was so drunk and anyone could've taken advantage of her .. and you know what she's like, she wouldn't exactly fight them off," his voice was calm and she watched him with those eyes again for a second, only a second.

"Ok," she breathed out and her breath was steam in the air. "I trust you Danny."

He broke out into a smile and pulled her close, like he wanted to make sure.

"Don't strangle me," she whispered in his ear, laughing.

"That would never do-" Under the streetlight she kissed him, above them the clock struck twelve and they broke apart.

"Happy New Year!" Danny said as he took her hand and they walked off down the street.

On the bench, carved forever and surrounded by a heart was: Arianna and Danny. Happy New Year.

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