Mommy I am a soldier now,
I hope you approve
and are proud.
I have worked hard
for a title like this
and I want you to know
I did it all for you.
Before I die
I will draw you
a picture of my death;
I don't want you to
be frightened, but
I want you to see
the pain I went through
just for you.
I want you to see the
look in my eyes as
I die and see
the designs
my red blood makes
on a land full of
But what I
have really been waiting
for, Mommy, is to
join you in hell
where I will
pray it wont last for eternity.
I want to save your soul
so for once and for all
you can rest in peace
while I watch over
all the fallen soldiers
guiding them to the
right path.
Mommy I was a solider
on the earth when I lived.
Why didn't you approve
and how could you never
have been proud?