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I'm sitting in my new room, in my new school, with my new uniform on. I hate it! The room is too new, the school is too empty and I don't like my uniform! The uniform is a red skirt and a white t-shirt with a red vest and white knee-high socks with red shoes with high heels. I'm fine with most of the clothes, but I'd rather have pants instead of a skirt. But I like the colour red, its my favorite colour. I look in the mirror and smile,

"it doesn't look half-bad".

I turn around and go to the principal, because I am ready with my stuff. When I walk past a window, I look outside and see cherry blossoms fly on the wind and I'm amazed by the beauty of the little petals from the flower. I close my eyes and enjoy the feeling of spring, when it isn't too hot or cold. I open my eyes again and ho to the principal. I stop before an amazing big door and reach out to open it.


I'm walking to the ballroom, because I have to meet the others there and prepare to meet the new girl. I am wearing my school-uniform: a white shirt and blue pants with a blue vest. I want to go home and rest, it was a long day, I had to attend 5 meetings before lunch and 3 after lunch! It was incredibly boring and I am tired as can be. I arrive by the big imposing doors of the ballroom and I open them, only to see that only the boys were there, I hoped to see the teachers already, so we could go with them and meet the girl already. But no, they weren't there, so I had to go to my so-called 'friends' to talk about the most boring stuff until the teachers or the girl comes. I walk to the boy with glasses working on his laptop

"Hey Jason, do you know something about the new one?"

I ask the boy,

"No, I can't find her in the archive "

"What do you mean?"

"She isn't from one of the big companies"

My friend turns his attention back to his laptop and continues his work. And we just sat there, waiting for the new one.


"Well hello Silencia, come in and sit down, I'm almost ready."

I sit down on the couch and look around, 'Amazing how much rich people spend on things they don't need' I think when I look at all the gold and paintings.

"Well Silencia, lets go to the ballroom, the boys are already waiting for awhile and it would be rude to let them wait any longer."

"Just one minute principal, I want to ask something, Why is it that the guys need to meet the new girl and vice versa? It would be better to let the girls meet the girls and the boys meet the boys, right?"

"Silencia, let me tell you, this two schools are especially for children of rich parents, there aren't much children that are gifted like you, and most of the students here are heiress of big companies, so they need contacts and 'friendships', the girls see each other everyday, so they have plenty of time to get along the same is by the boys, but the boys only see the girls at events and when they go to each other after class and vice versa, so the boys need to meet the girls and the girls need to meet the boys, do you understand now?"

"Yes, I understand"

"Well, lets go then"

I stand up and follow the principal to the ballroom. The big doors open and we step into the ballroom.

She didn't notice the pair of surprised purple eyes looking at her.


The doors open and I look up, Finally! I see the principal step in and see the new girl step in after the principal, it is a shy looking girl, with long black hair and when she looks up I see her eyes and I recognize her! Big pink eyes and long black hair, that is… the girl from the incident! I see she didn't notice me, so I can have a good look at her. She wears the school uniform of the Butterfly Academy and it looks pretty well on her, she isn't wearing any jewelries except for a little silver necklace with two little silver wings attached to it, she is wearing red glasses that is balancing on the tip of her little nose. She looks pretty cute, I didn't see that earlier because I didn't really look at her, but she is cuter than the other girls of Butterfly Academy. Everyone stands up and stand in line to greet the new one, like the tradition tolled. I can see she is surprised. I smile, she will be more surprised when she'll recognize me!.


I didn't expect it to be so crowded in there. I look around and am a little nervous because I know all the guys in there are looking at me, I hide it though. I don't want to show my shyness.

All the guys suddenly stand in line, it surprised me! The principal comes to me and tells me that each of them will introduce himself, but I have to tell a little about myself. I start to introduce herself:

"Hello, my name's Silencia Moon and I'm fifteen years old, I'm not from a big company or something like that like most of you, I'm just an ordinary girl."

after I say that, I smile. The principal steps forward and asks:

"And what do you think of our fine school?"

I look around the room and say:

"This school is very nice, but you guys spend too much on decorating this school and all that money could be used for better uses."

I know I have shocked the principal, but I want to say it!


I smile when I hear those words! I had to smile when Silencia said what I wanted to say, but I was to afraid to say it, she wasn't. The mouth of the principal literally falls open when she hears those words. The principal tried to fix it by asking:

"And what is a better use than making our school the most beautiful?"

Silencia answers:

"Well, helping the people in Africa could be a good start."

she says honestly. The eyes of the principal almost pop out of her head from embarrassment. I had a hard time holding my laughter in myself, like most of the boys. He start to like the girl!

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