"So your saying that this girl, Melissa, is your twin-sister which you lost contact with after a car-accident?"

"That's about it!"

I think this goes to fast, let me explain the situation for you: Melissa is sitting next to me. Anthony and my foster-parents are sitting infront of us, facing us with utter surprise about Melissa. Mom smiles.

"Melissa, do you have a home?"

It may seem a weird question, but I know she doesn't know a different way to ask it! Melissa nods.

"Yep, the orphanage!"

Mom smiles, understanding her answer.

"What do you think of living in the same house as your sister?"

Melissa's face lightens up and she smiles widely, making her answer clear. But she stil answers, just to be safe:

"That would be awesome!"

Anthony smiles at her and Melissa and I smile just the same way at him, our identical smile. Dad goes away to deal with the formalities. Melissa turns to me, smiling deviously.


"We still need to get you and Aaron together, my beloved lovestruck sister!"


Anthony's face is red and he looks like he'll burst.

"Silencia doesn't need to 'get together' with anyone!"

Melissa grins at him.

"Even though she loves him?"

"She's to young for love!"

Melissa widens her grin and shows her teeth.

"Says who?"


Mom giggles and puts a hand on his shoulder.

"Now, now, Anthony, one is never to young for love!"

Anthony looks at mom with a look like he can't believe what she said. He turns his head to me and looks at me beggingly, searching for support. Melissa leans over to me and whisperes:


I blush and Melissa giggles. Anthony throws his hands up in the air and yells:

"Why has everyone teamed up against me!? It's a conspiracy, a conspiracy I tell you!"

We all laugh our asses of and dad comes in, surprised at our laughter.

"Well, the house cheered up incredibly! Everything is dealed with, you're officialy our daughter, Melissa!"


Mom, dad and Anthony laugh at our display of cheer.

"Okay, it's already late, time to go to bed!"

Melissa and I share a bed, just like when we were little. Melissa snuggles up to me and whisperes:

"Do you remember our promise?"


Two little girls, looking exactly the same, except for the hair, are sittin on separate swings, holding hands. The girl with the long, black hair, curling slightly turns her head to the girl with the short black hair.

"We will never be apart, right?"

The girl with short hair smiles at her.

"Never, we will always stick together!"

The short-haired girl grins.

"Heh, it rhymes!"

The long-haired girl giggles.

"Lets make a promise."

The long haired girl looks up.

"What kind of promise?"

"Even if we get seperated, I will grow my hair out long and you'll cut your hair. That way, we keep a little piece of eachother forever!"


The two girls let go of eachothers hand and hook their pinkies.


I smile at Melissa.

"And we both kept our promise!"

"Yeah, you aren't supposed to break a pinky-promise!"

We grin at eachother and fall asleep, holding our most precious person tight.



Today I'm gonna get Aaron and Silencia together! And I won't do it alone! I just met one of Silencia's friends, Vanessa! She is very interesting, she seems just like a little doll, but underneath, you find a great (evil) genius! Together with her, I was able to make a plan to get them together, fast! Vanessa runs to me and grins.

"It's ready, simple, but brilliant!"

I grin.

"Exellent, my beloved partner, together we'll take over the world!"

Vanessa grins back.

"Well, of course, my brilliant partner! With our looks and brains, we'll have the world at our feet!"

We both giggle a bit and Vanessa's boyfriend, Jason, taps her on the shoulder.

"Silencia and Aaron are coming."

We grin at eachother and hide."

Silencia looks around, probably searching for me.

"Do you see Melissa, Aaron?"

He shakes his head.

"No, whatch out!"

Silencia trips and falls. Aaron quickly catches her. Silencia is as red as a tomato, of course!

"Are you alright?"

She nods.

"Yeah, I think..."

Suddenly a cameraman jumps up,almost making Silencia fall again, good thing Aaron catches her again. The man keeps filming them.

"What a beautiful picture! You two look great together!"

The man looks like he's thinking and grins.

"Hey boy, kiss your girlfriend, I'll make sure you guys get known as 'The perfect couple'!"

Silencia looks like she'll faint.

"B...but we're not dating!"

"Oh, what a shame, a kiss on the cheek then? I really need to find a great couple!"

Silencia gives in and Aaron leans in and tries to kiss her cheeks, but suddenly the cameraman pushes Silencia and they (accidentaly) kiss eachother! Aaron tries to pull away quickly.

"I'm sorr-"

He gets cut off my Silencia's kiss. She grabbed him and pulled him back! Aaron is surprised, but he quickly makes up his mind and slides his arms around her waist, locking her in an embrace!


Third person:

Vanessa and Melissa dance around in circles and Silencia and Aaron walk to them. Teresias joins the group and they chat alittle, mainly about Aaron and Silencia. Silencia whisperes something to the rest, Teresias and Melissa excluded:

"Lets give Melissa and Terry-boy some privacy!"

Everyone grins and they walk away, quickly. Teresias shouts out to them:

"Wait, where are you going-"

Teresias stops walking and looks behind him. Melissa is holding his sleeve, she looks him straight in the eye, face blushing furiously.


Teresias looks at Melissa with a blush on his face. 'God, she's beautiful, with her soft and shy eyes and that sweet smile!' Teresias smiles at Melissa and she smiles back, both their faces blushing to the exreme. They quietly grab eachothers hand, as in a silent pact, and they walk onward, without saying a word, in their wordless love.