So, I've been doing a lot of thinking lately, but it hasn't been about this story. I've concluded that I'm just a dumb girl filled with broken promises. I cannot finish this story this summer. I'm starting school in a few days, and it's going to be impossible. Well, maybe I can finish it, but I know I (and my readers) won't be satisfied with it. It would have been so rushed with very details.

So with the very best intentions in mind, I've decided to take down this story, only temporarily.

I am leaving you guys with the very first chapter. It feels weird to be this behind, but I've completely edited it, and slowly I will return. I'm just a HUGE slow poke.

With all the distractions out there right now that are so similar compared to this one like The Secret Life of the American Teenager and Teen Mom, I just don't want to draw inspiration from that, especially since I've created this story before all of that.

Plus, I think my author's notes one a lot of the stories were just begging for reviews. I mean, I love reviews and when people read my stories I hope they do enjoy it. But I want to write for myself, I want to love everything I give out. But now, it's not how I planned it, there are a lot of things I should fix and will fix.

So it might take me 348859754894579488 years to finish this story. But I know, with this decision, that I will give the best to my readers and myself.

Thanks. Love you all,


The Pregnant Life of Norah Jade

Chapter 1

I looked up from the pregnancy test.

"If two lines mean that you're pregnant, then I'm pregnant?" I asked myself. But this can't be happening. I'm turning seventeen in a week. Seventeen year olds aren't supposed to be pregnant. They're not supposed to be mothers yet. Why? Why? Why?

I put the pregnancy test down on the sink's counter and looked into the mirror. Who am I?

I'm Norah Jade Lexington, but to most people, I'm just Norah. I'm the daughter of two very famous lawyers. My mother Aubrey Lexington is Chinese, and my father Michael Lexington is of English decent. They both waited until they were at least 21 to have children. Smart idea. Plus, they're both extremely hard workers who did everything they needed to reach their dreams. That explains me and my sister, Jamie Natalia's, lavish lifestyle. Our house is huge, and it's contents, you can't even put a price on any of it. Enough about our house though, I stared at myself in the mirror.

I have dark brown hair that goes a little past my shoulders. My eyes were hazel, gold, whatever you call it. It was a light brown to me. I think I have an okay face, but when I smile. I still have my braces on. Jamie was born with the good teeth, while I wasn't. I don't know when my treatment will be over, but I think I look okay with my braces. I'm pretty short too, like 5'3. But I'm so fine with that. I'd look weird being any taller.

I washed my hands and left the bathroom toward my bed. How could this happen?

Its still summer. I spend most my days hanging out with my best friend Stella Lauren Burke. I've known this girl since junior high. She's the most brilliant person you'll ever meet. Don't be fooled by her blonde hair and blue eyes, because she's no dumb blonde. After beating me in the seventh grade spelling bee, I just knew we'd click. I mean we were both really good spellers. But she didn't get me pregnant.

I think I need to put the blame on my boyfriend. Devon Rowland, no middle name. He's my next door neighbor, who just happened to be the son of a very rich music producer and a world famous model. Of course, he looks good. He's about 6 feet, dirty blonde shaggy hair, and light green eyes. Ugh, drool. Of course, I couldn't resist myself two months ago when we both lost our virginities together. We've been together for about a year. We started going out in the middle of our sophomore year, and now we're starting junior year at West Lake Academy. It's this fancy private school for the rich. I don't love it, but then again, I don't hate it either especially since I'm co-captain of the cheer squad. It just sucks, that I lost the head spot to Nikki Taylor. We'll just talk about her later.

Right now, I have so much to think about.

How am I supposed to tell my parents that I lost my virginity and somehow I'm two months pregnant? I guess I can tell them at my birthday dinner next week. Oh, they'd be so surprised.

But for now, I need to tell Dev and Stella.