by xxxmoonlitexxx

I've misplaced my sanity like I do my house keys.

It's in the morning and I need a few more hours of snoring

Some kids complain about how their life is so boring

I complain about how my debt to the devil is soaring

I sold my soul for six pills of Xanax , half a bottle of Vodka and an album of Nirvana

I pursue this persona of a perfect soul

In reality my insides are very cold

My life is full of resentment , regret, rue ,remorse , and other alliterations

I've never had a good vibration unless in came in plastic 2 AA batteries and was full of magic

It's tragic how under 21 I hate everything under the sun.

I just want my life to be set and done

I took my 9 millimeter gun and placed it at my head

I didn't have the courage to make my self dead.

I can't even commit suicide right .

I loathe everything in sight

I hate my boyfriend and his tiny little balls

How everything he says is dull

How I want to take a bat and ram it into his skull

I won't perish this relationship anytime soon

Because I rather be with him than alone and out of tune

I'm desperately trying to end the pain while I'm broken dejected and stained